Thursday, 26 April 2012

EARTHEART Healing Retreat and HEART Radiance Meditation

EarthHeart - Full Moon Healing Retreat
HEART Radiance Meditation with
Temazcal Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Prepare yourself to manifest your loving intentions for the World with the systematic heart opening process of HEART Radiance combined with the ancient Aztec sacred sweat lodge ceremony of Temazcal.  Enjoy the nurturing space of the Tipi as you allow yourself to be energised by the power of Full Moon and nourished by the Natural environment of Christmas Hills.  EarthHeart offers you a time of renewal, reflection and reconnection with Yourself, Nature and Community.

Program includes:
>> HEART Radiance Program including Meditation and Chi Kung
>> Lunch
>> Spiritual Cleansing with Copal
>> Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony
>> Dinner
>> Tipi accommodation
>> Breakfast
>> Heart Radiance Program Completion including manual and Audio CD

HEART Radiance: Opening into the Heart of Oneness
Relax your Body, Clear your Mind, Live from your Heart

>> ‘HEART Radiance’ is a simple but potent process that can be used any time, any place to activate the Heart Energy and to radiate Love and Grace into your surroundings. The acronym ‘H.E.A.R.T.’ means Healing Energy and Awareness with Resonant Tuning. The Healing of our physical Energy and our conscious Awareness takes place through the process of Resonant Tuning.

The key abdominal and head chakra centres are stimulated in such a way that the heart chakra is allowed to open fully and naturally accompanied by a host of benefits. Rather than having to fall into resonance with your environment it is possible to attune your environment to a higher resonance of LOVE and GRACE.
The HEART Radiance Program includes:
>> 1 Activation of rejuvenation points;
>> 2 Standing energisers;
>> 3 The 12 Immortals Chi Kung exercise;
>> 4 The Tree standing meditation;
>> 5 Resonant Tuning - Heart radiance meditation.

The Temazcal is a sacred steam lodge ceremony, an ancient indigenous ritual practice of purification.  It is utilized for therapeutic, detoxifying and ritual purposes. It signifies a return to the womb of Mother Earth for healing and rebirth as a new person. It is an act of devotion and surrender,a place where we pray, meditate reconnect with ourselves and celebrate life.

Inside the Temazcal we offer ourselves for all our ancestors and future generations, we dedicate this healing to harmony and peace on earth and the cosmos.

This ceremony produces the healing and purification of our body mind and soul. This occurs when we receive the medicine of the four elements; air, fire, water and earth. The presence of the four elements in this space and the darkness inside the womb of the Temazcal, produces the power of rebirth and in darkness we see through the eyes of our soul, allowing us to confront the causes of our pain and fears, healing the body, mind and spirit.

Giving back to the Earth:
One hour of our time will be spent putting our energy into the 'flower of life' vegetable garden from which our meals will be harvested for the weekend.

>> Heart Radiance day 1 only and lunch                                $70
>> Temazcal and dinner                                                         $60
>> Tipi share accomodation or camping with breakfast            $20
>> Heart Radiance (half) day 2 with and lunch                         $30
>> Full Heart Radiance Program incl accom discounted at       $100
>> Complete HEART Radiance Program and Temazcal           $150

Only 45mins from City in Christmas Hills
Will be revealed upon booking

Tipi accommodation is shared. Separate male and female Tipis if preferred. Bring your own bedding.
Or bring your own tent if you like.

We highly recommend you to drink enough water and also that all the sweat participants eat a light breakfast, but to skip lunch and supper on the day of the sweat.
Bring a sarong to wear inside, and a towel
Bring a torch.

Bookings essential:
Please contact Viirendra
Mobile:          0417 581 829
Facebook 'Viirendra Ra'

Blessings to all Beings

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Friends of Edgars Creek walk

I wanted to say a BIG thanks to the 29 members and Friends who joined us down at the creek on Saturday to hear Uncle Bill Nicholson talk. Not to mention the combined hours of manitenance works that people contributed on the day.

Uncle Bill was a fantastic speaker and his passion and knowledge about his people, the Wurundjeri, was evident to all present.

Also I'd like to acknowledge Melbourne Water's conribution to FoEC - it was our latest Community Grant that made the talk possible.

Finally, please have a look at your calendars - they tell the real story unlike my misinformation provided on Saturday. Sunday May 13th is the first planting event of the year 1-3 PM as per our usual timing for plantings. We are planting at our new site the 'Caravan Park site' which is behind the Big 4 caravan park at the northern end of Elisabeth Street, on the west side of the creek. The easiest access to the site is from Elisabeth street - call or email me if you want specific directions to the site. Note: we are not planting at the Silurian Cliff.

I look forward to seeing you on the creek!

David Pavone

Friday, 20 April 2012

Solo Mum's group

A Solo Mums' Group (An inclusive term for single Mums who are also in relationships) is up and active at
Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House.

Meets fortnightly Thursdays 10 - 12noon, Free with a cuppa and morning tea.

Meets tomorrow 19th April and on-going throughout term.

The group is supported and facilitated by a Community Development Coordinator and a local mamma/creative arts therapist and children are supported by an local mamma/artist, to create, craft, art make, play and connect. Please see flyer attached.

We envision to support the Mum's and their children to share their experiences through art making and work towards an exhibition at Synergy Gallery in Northcote later this year.

Also, we are seeking pre-loved toys please. Preferably not noisy plastic battery operated types (we have more than enough of these).
Thank you - these can be dropped off at the Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House, 131 Shaftesbury Parade. Thornbury. Ph. 9480 0466