Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fencing answers


There are a couple of comments in answer to your question last night.

cheers Janet

Nappy help required

Hi All

great idea of changing the format of this community list btw

I'm a new mum trying to research the wonderful world of modern cloth nappies. A lovely friend gave us 10 pea pod nappies which i have just started using and I would like to increase my collection
So does anyone have any recommendations of modern cloth nappy brands or even better second hand ones for me to trial or know of any local nappy libraries?

Any help is appreciated, email me at

Cheers Sylvie :)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Hi everyone.
Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good fencing contractor?

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

a community poem

from Melinda
it started small
and now it’s big
the community news
that we all dig

every day we get some news
reduce recycle or re-use
swap your clothes
share your books
exchange your home-grown
with other cooks

help a puppy find his way
it’ll help a family start their day
feeling really pretty good
about the people in their ‘hood

find a housemate
buy some bread
don’t throw that keyboard
give it away instead

got a cause that needs traction?
others can help take some action
help a family that’s in need
the news will keep you up to speed

you can expect the unexpected
newlands news keeps us connected!

Pack Up Your Troubles

Because nothing is too much trouble!
Do you need to declutter your house, declutter your garage, declutter your life? Pack Up Your Troubles can help!
Pack up your Troubles is a Melbourne based business dedicated to organising, decluttering and removing unwanted household goods.
Contact: Jody Galvin
Ph: 0422 166 132

Monday, 28 May 2012


Hi all,

Our house got burgled again. This is the second time since December.  This happened on Friday the 25th of May between 4:30 and 6:30pm. We are on Mehegan ave, closer to Murray Rd. This time they took our Tv and computer. We are getting an alarm system installed asap. I don’t know what's going on in our area, but it seems like we are being targeted. If you saw anything that night, please let us know.


Juan and Toona

0415453840 | 0415189467

Work wanted

Hello Mel,

I's me, Morena, again, I hope you and your family are doing well. I was hoping you could send this email out to our wonderful community. I have been deliberating long and hard about whether to do a Masters in Social Work or Counselling and I have finally decided that Social Work is the way forward for me. As such, I need to update my experience by doing a minimum of 40 hrs work at an agency either government or non government. I am just wondering if anyone out there works at and or can suggest an an agency I could approach to do achieve this?

Thanks so much for being a fantastic conduit for this community,

 Warmly Morena XX.

Community Planting day

This Saturday the 2nd of June 1-3pm we'll be planting at the Murnong Field (Just south of Murray Rd bridge on the Merri Creek trail, Coburg).
Also, on Sunday 3rd June 10am till Midday is the World Environment Day planting a bit upstream from the Murnong Field (see attached flyer).
Hope to see you there,


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Room available in Thornbury

Room available in Thornbury – $190 pw 

3 bedroom house in a quiet street between St Georges Road and Merri Creek 
Close to 112 tram and walking distance to Epping train line 
We are two down-to-earth, creative women in our 30s who both work full time. We are seeking a mature, tidy, easy-going person of a similar age to join us in our recently established share house. 
We love cooking. We love music. We love having friends around to share good food and good wine. And we love creating a peaceful, harmonious place to come home to. 
The house is furnished and features polished boards, fresh paint, central heating, gas cooking, and a large back yard with garage/workshop and a vegie garden waiting for attention. 
If you’re interested, please tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in a home, and we’ll get back to you. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Kefir starter wanted

Hi Mel, I would like to ask a question to the community;

Has anyone got some milk Kefir grains/culture to share for me?
I have sourdough starter in return...
Sip mobile ; 043817574

Sit’n’Sew group

There is a Sit’n’Sew group that is very small (currently 3-4 people!) that is held on a Wednesday evening.
Any sewing project is welcome whether it be Quilting, Dressmaking, Toy making, children’s clothes…it is a nice place to sit and sew free of distraction J
The space is large and well lit, there are good size tables, cutting mats and rulers and a limited number of sewing machines and irons available.
The lady who runs it is named Sue and she is happy to help people out with their activities if needed.

Where: GJ’s Discount Fabrics, Lygon St Brunswick
Day: Wednesday evening
Time 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Cost: $10

Thursday, 24 May 2012

URGENT UPDATE: The final countdown for Hazelwood? Please, take action now.

Read original and formatted email here

Right now, we are on the verge of a historic opportunity to Replace Hazelwood, Australia’s dirtiest power station, with clean energy. Environment Victoria supporters have been campaigning to Replace Hazelwood for many years, and finally the chance is within our reach.

But now, the negotiations to close Hazelwood are under threat. We’ve teamed up with to get this critical campaign over the line in its final weeks. Will you take urgent action now?

Hazelwood is Australia’s dirtiest power station. It’s responsible for almost 15 percent of Victoria’s and 3 percent of Australia’s greenhouse pollution all on its own.

The Federal Government is currently in negotiations with the owners of Hazelwood and other polluting power stations to close down three of these big polluters. The negotiation deadline is 30 June – just over five weeks away. But recent media reports suggest that the government might walk away from the negotiation table – leaving Hazelwood and other power stations polluting for decades to come.

Unless the government receives pressure from people across the country this crucial moment to Replace Hazelwood, cut pollution, and bring online clean renewable energy could be lost.

We know that Australians want to cut pollution and we need to show that people from across Australia want to Replace Hazelwood. That’s why we’ve teamed up with, one of the fastest growing campaign organisations in the world. Together with Change, and one of our passionate supporters, Anna Cutler, we’re building a massive petition to tell our government to close the deal on Hazelwood.

Please sign the petition on the website, and be a part of replacing Hazelwood once and for all.

We simply can’t give up when we’re so close to one of the most significant actions on climate change this country has ever seen. You’ve brought the campaign this far. Now, we’re asking you to help us get it over the line

Thank you, for all that you’ve done thus far.

Reminder: Campaign Briefing Monday 28 May
Come along to our campaign briefing on Monday, 28 May to get the background on Hazelwood, HRL and the latest on the coal export plans of the Victorian government. Learn how you can help us get these vital campaigns over the line.

Get the details and RSVP now

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mobile phone needed

Hi, Mel hope you are well, and the community too,
Does any one have an old mobile and charger that they no longer use? My current hand-me-down phone is begining to not work very well.
Please gimme a call if your old phone is in a bottom drawer, taking up too much space!

Gigi, 93549337 or 0458357035 (if it works!) or


Monday, 21 May 2012

The puppy has gone home

Hi Everyone.
I am sitting here in amazement.
In a very short time frame of hours the puppy has been found!
Someone read the email and chatted to their neighbours about their missing puppy and the puppy has now been returned to its family.
Melinda just sent me this email...

Thanks so much Mel - the teary family just picked him up xx

What a wonderful list we have!!
I was so excited that I thought I would share with you all.
Cheers Mel.

Lost puppy

Hi Mel, I found this puppy dodging cars on Murray road - can you forward to group - near bridge over creek at olympic pool - maybe someone knows who it belongs to?
Regards Melinda
0413314790 or 83008666

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Dehydrator wanted

Hi Mel,

Not sure how much you get into classifieds. I was planning to buy a food dehydrator but would be keen to have a go first of all to see whether I'd really get into it or if I'd get over it pretty quickly.

If someone in the neighbourhood had one they don't use I'd love to give it a go, and if I get into it I'd be happy to buy it from them.

Are you able to circulate?


0439 354 687

Fresh crusty white sourdough

Hi all! Here is a link for anyone interested in the health benefits of sourdough bread. Just copy and paste the next line into your address bar;

Don't forget to order your Saturday bread for a happy start of the weekend! Sip

FRESH CRUSTY WHITE SOURDOUGH, every saturday morning after 9am.
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs from the white bread cabinet at the start of our drive
Pay for your order at pick-up, $5 per loaf.
You can leave the money in the pot inside the bread cabinet.
Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order.
e-mail Sip at;
mobile; 0438175764

Carpet offcuts wanted

Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some decent carpet off-cuts to temporarilY cover a large room about 8.5m by 3.7m.  If anyone has carpet off cuts around these dimensions & wants to get rid of them i'd love to pick them up.



Tuesday, 15 May 2012

High School for Coburg update

People in our community who are concerned about the lack of a local state secondary option for all the children leaving our wonderful local primary schools may like to read this front page Leader article and even better -leave a comment (there are 6 interesting comments already).

Even more importantly you may consider writing to Minister Dixon given that he is looking at the issue right now.

Details under "Letters to the Minister" at 

Minister Dixon  seems to be indicating via the media that the option of Junior Provision at the Coburg Senior High is being considered -this is good news - it is the only sensible option as it also deals with the concurrent community issue of under-utilised DEECD buildings in the middle of an area which has an immediate and significant provision shortfall.(Spatail Vision report 2012).

What is concerning is the talk of relocatables at existing ( in other words far away) schools in the short term and an option for Coburg only in the long term. Our area has always had the numbers required for a school and it is now HIGH TIME we had one..

This map shows you that in Darebin and Moreland the numbers of high school aged kids are concentrated in Coburg and Preston -the two suburbs which in recent years have lost junior (Years 7-9) provision....

If you would like more info please check out  HSC's brief response to the recent report by DEECD demographers Spatial Vision. This can be read in the most recent post on HSC's website. The Spatial Vision report concludes that the most pressure for Years 7-9 will be on "middle and Southern schools" in the study area  however there are no middle (open entry)  schools and the southern schools are full!

If you haven't already -joining HSC facebook (along with the other 661!) is another  good way to keep informed about the issue.



9354 3053

Indian Dance Performance - for Oxfam's Sustainable Mining Campaign

Hello friends,

Darpana: The Mirror of Gesture 
Friday June 15th at 7:30pm. Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre 
Tickets are $30 full, $25 concession and seniors 

I would like to invite you to, Darpana: The Mirror of Gesture, a performance of classical South Indian dancing to raise funds for Oxfam Australia’s Sustainable Mining campaign.

I learn a style of classical South Indian dancing known as Bharata Natyam, from Dr. Chandrabhanu’s Bharatalaya Academy of Indian Dance. It is an ancient dance style derived from the temple dancers of South India and involves a demi-plies position and the striking of the feet to weave rhythms. Gold bells are worn around the ankles and costumes are weaved from silk and gold with traditional adornments on the head, neck and arms. Sets for this show are painted by renowned Australian artist, the late Geoffrey Goldie.

The dances we will perform depict deities of Hindu mythology and this particular performance comprises 7 dances pertaining to the stories of Lord Krishna, Ganesha, the 10 incarnations of Vishnu (Dasavataram) and Shiva. My sister and I have come together for this show to celebrate our love for dance and to raise funds for a great cause.

The performance will be held at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, Friday June 15th at 7:30pm. Tickets are $30 full, $25 concession and seniors. Further details are in the flyer attached.

Please pass on this invitation to your other colleagues! Friends and family also welcome.
Have a lovely weekend.


Microsoft help wanted

I am really enjoying all the wonderful community emails and feel so privileged to live in such a fantastic neighbourhood. At present I am looking for part time work and it seems that I am going to have to get up to speed with Microsoft 2007/2010 to get job ready. I have been trying to do this on my own through books but it's a very dry way to learn and not all that meaningful and or practical. I was hoping that you could send out a request to our community to see if there's anyone who would be able to assist me to gain a some proficiency with these programmes please?? I have looked into some local courses but they take at least two months and are only 2 hours per week and I need to fast track the process.

Thanks very much for your all your help

Warmly Morena.

Furniture to give way

We have some tables and bookshelves to giveaway. They are old but good and have served us well. If anyone is interested, they are yours if you can pickup. We want to get them out of the house this weekend.

Large 70's school teachers desk. Solid wood, approx. Height-710mm x Depth-900mm x Width-1650mm
Medium sized table. Wood with painted legs. Solid wood, approx.
Height-750mm x Depth-720mm x Width-1340mm
Two Bookshelves.
Height-930mm x Depth-300mm x Width-800mm

Coburg North
Call Danny on: 0410 433 120

Local Honey

HI everyone,

In case you’re wondering (as I’ve had questions), I still have a few buckets of honey left for $7. Let me know if you’re interested: or 0407046422 and I’ll put some aside for you.

To those of you who already have bought some, I hope you’re enjoying!

Keep warm

Fresh crusty bread

Hi everyone!
I tried a loaf of this bread and it is delicious!!

Hi Mel, can you spread the letter for me trough the community? 

Hello weekenders!
Do you miss a quality bakery in the area? Me too!
To ease the pain I decided to bake bread for anyone interested. 
FRESH CRUSTY WHITE SOURDOUGH, every saturday morning after 9am.
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs from the white bread cabinet at the start of our drive;
Pay for your order at pick-up, $5 per loaf. 
You can leave the money in the pot inside the bread cabinet.
Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order. 
mobile; 0438175764

Monday, 14 May 2012


Hi fermenterrrrs,
Strictly speaking this isn't a ferment event but its a cool opportunity to score some cheap, interesting edibles that may then become fermented PLUS i will have some fermented choko there for you to try and maybe we could come up with some kind of plan to ferment something soon - all initiatives encouraged!!

Merristem Community Nursery is going into hibernation for the Winter and ALL STOCK MUST GO! Next Sunday the 20th of May from 3pm til sundown we will be clearing out the nursery in preparation for new Springtime propagation program and we will be getting rid of ALL plants currently in the hot house. Please invite anyone or groups you know who are involved in a school, community, guerrilla or home garden. Sale is for one day only all donations accepted - any plants left will be composted. All money raised will go towards repairing our irrigation system and kickstarting our new Spring plantings.

Merristem Community Nursery Clearance SALE
38 Harrison Street East Brunswick

For a donation you can take home any or all plants from the following list:

We have

cherry guavas
prickly pear
perennial chilli
water celery
fools cress
lemon sorrel

Any questions please email or call 0424740082

Hopefully see you there,

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Everynight Everynight - production by Frank Theatre Company

Would it be possible to send this out to the email list? I've never sent anything out to your grand network before, but hopefully it's the kind of thing people are interested in! - -
I'd like to let you all know about the first production from the new Frank Theatre Company. They have revived Ray Mooney's Everynight Everynight - a play that tells one story of the brutality inflicted on prisoners in Pentridge Prison's H division in the 70s. 
This play is very rarely performed by professional theatre companies, in part because of its graphic violence and seriously full-on language. But if you like your theatre confronting and thought provoking, it is very definitely worth seeing. It also represents an aspect of our local history that should not be forgotten as the bluestone walls slowly morph into something more benign.

The Age have reviewed it favorably, as have other outlets.
The season runs until 27th May at Gasworks.

I hope you'll consider going.


Friday, 11 May 2012

FoEC First Planting this Sunday

Hello FoEC Members and Friends,

The wait is over! We are planting again on Sunday.
And as a bonus our first planting of the year sees a move to our new site we will be referring to as the' caravan park site' (see the blue star on the area map attached).
In line with FoEC's strategic plan, we are planning for concentrated plantings and maintenance of feature areas around this site.
We will initially be focusing around the remnant red gun with a poa and lomandra based grassland and are funded to do two further projects on the caravan park site, including funding for maintenance works.
The second project on this site will be focused on a pocket of indigenous grassland that is immediately abutting the remnant sweet bursaria and tree violet.
We are also funded to address the kikuyu overgrowth on the escarpment immediately upstream of the creek crossing at this site. I would be happy to explain these in person on Sunday during our tea/snack break.

Unfortuantely the weather forecast is not great. I'll ceratainly rug up on the day and hope that you will do the same and join us!
The best point of access is by parking/getting to the end of Elisabeth Street. Walk along the footpath on the west side of the road and where the road doglegs to the right, go left down along the fence line and follow the creek and caravan park fence line to the crossing at the rock face area. It is around 150 metres walk from the road to the site. For those that know the way no directions needed!

Any questions - please feel free to contact me via this email address or check the FoEC website for further information.

Kind regards,
David Pavone.
FoEC President.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Fresh, hot, crusty, local bread!!

I really miss a quality bakery in the area. And to ease the pain I started baking bread for anyone interested, every saturday morning. 
Because of my limited capacity at the moment, I only provide luxury Crusty White Loaf made with yeast. (this might change; ideas are welcome!)
You can pre-order your bread by sending me a little message and I will put them out in the white bread cabinet next to our letterbox. 
at; 56 Livingstone Street, Coburg North, before 8:30am.
pre-orders to Sip, 
mobile; 0438175764
What better than starting your weekend with fresh hot bread???


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Creative Dance for Children aged 2-4 years

Creative Dance for Children aged 2-4 years
Held in dance studio at Collingwood College
Tuesday Mornings 9.15-10.00am- Term two starting May 1 2012 $10
families also welcome from outside CC

‘Kids Dance’ are fun and creative workshops for children and their parents/caregivers to explore different ways of moving the body and express physical and thematic ideas. They involve dance, yoga and song.
For further info or to book your place please contact
Kat Worth p. 0412 992 513 or e.

Habitat Kids Dance

Habitiat Kids Dance
In the Ceres Adventure Habitat

Children (aged 3-6) and their parents/caregiver are invited to join community dance practitioner Kat Worth on a weekly creative dance adventure in the Ceres train of heARTs and surrounding landscapes and habitats.
 Each week the group will explore an environmental theme that leads them on a physical and sensory adventure around Ceres. The children will devise their own movements in response to the environment and together we will weave them into a dance.

: Saturday mornings 10.30-11.45pm commencing May 4 2012.
Where: meet at the Ceres train of heARTStudio  (near sandpit and cafĂ©)
$10 per child or $16 for two children from same family
Bring: warm  and weather proof clothes for outside play
Who: this workshop is for children and parents/caregivers. Children with disabilities are welcome.
Bookings and Info: call Kat on 0412 992 513 or email

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Glass Bottles for a bottle brick wall

Would you please forward this to the community?

I am looking for glass bottles for a bottle brick wall that I would like to build for a kitchen garden. I am collecting wine bottles, spirit bottles, even glass mineral water and cordial bottles as long as it is glass and clear or tinted (not painted/coated).

If you have any bottles that you would like to donate instead of throwing in the recycling, please contact me on 0422251770. I am happy to come and collect them!

Any Donations are greatly appreciated!

Owl at the Moon

I have recently started my own business making children's clothes from recycled and new materials. I was hoping you could pass this around the network. I will be down at Ceres market tomorrow. Here is a sample of what I make:

(This link is to my facebook page. You can follow me here and find out which market I will be at next.)

Many Thanks,