Saturday, 30 June 2012

School holiday workshops for kids!!


(Special INTRODUCTORY Offer to friends and community)
For Ages 7-12 yr olds 

Come along to our home based workshop and learn how to make felt. You will learn 

how to create a basic set up for felting at home. 

All materials will be supplied and you will take home your own felt scarf to wear for


Dates currently available: Wed 4th & Wed 11th July, 2012 Time: 10am – 

12.30pm & 1.30pm - 4pm

Cost: $45 - all materials included

Location: Reservoir (near Coburg Drive-In) 




(Special INTRODUCTORY Offer to friends and community) 

For Ages 10-15 yr olds 

Come along to our home based workshop and learn the basics of screen printing. 

You will learn how to create a basic hand cut stencil & then print onto your own t-

shirt, hoodie or tea towels. 

All screen printing materials will be supplied and you will take home your own 

design, screen printed on the garment of your choice. 

Dates currently available: Fri 6th July & Thurs 12th July, 2012
Time: 10am – 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

$55 - all screen printing materials incl., bring your own t-shirt, hoodie or tea towels. 

Location: Northcote 

If you have a group of 5 or 6 we are able to run a special group just for you & your 

friends – just call us to arrange. 

Bookings essential as places are limited.
For more information please contact Miriam on 0408 101 678 or Serena on 0421 

677 176 

No bread on the 7th of July.

Hi everyone. Thank you all for your bread orders.
I have now reached the end of my pregnancy and expect to be in 
hospital next week for the inevitable birth of our 3rd child;
just when I really should be baking bread for you all! There will be 
no bread on the 7th of july.
I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience.
The good thing is that there will be bread again the following 
saturday the 14th.

Kefir grains and kombucha

Hi all. If anyone is interested in using Milk Kefir Grains or Kombucha 
scoby ; I have them here at home to give away.
They have been happily multiplying.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Looking for Under 8's basketball players.

Hi Everyone.

I’m looking for some more players for our Under 8’s) basketball team if any of your children are interested or you know of someone else who might be.
I’m the team manager and our coach(es) are Javon or Michael, both ex NPS students.  
It’s a mixed team for kids with no experience and we really need another four or five players. You need to be 5,6,7 or 8 (if 8 must be after 30th Apr)
We have Rohan, Tilly, Sunday, Khalid and one other child from another school.
The games are early on Sat mornings 8:30 for 45 minutes at Coburg Stadium in Outlook Dr. and I can pick up if needed (if not too far away…)
Feel free to contact me if you would like any more details.


Merri Creek needs your help NOW!


We need your help on this issue, which is the biggest problem we have ever faced.

Badly planned urban expansion threatens fauna and flora
Victoria's Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, has released the final North Growth Corridor Plan to extend Melbourne's suburbs 15km from Craigieburn north to Wallan. The package includes yet more expansion of the urban growth boundary into the green wedges and around Wallan, and fast-tracked Precinct Structure Plans to facilitate development of large slabs of developer-owned land at Lockerbie, Lockerbie North and Merrifield West.
However the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy, which is supposed to prescribe the conservation measures for threatened species and communities, has not been released.

Our alternative has been ignored
The Friends of Merri Creek have been advocating for many years for a conservation reserve network across the upper Merri catchment that would protect and sustain the wildlife, native wildflower grasslands, ancient River Red Gums, wetlands and waterways corridors. It seems that our proposals, and comments on the draft Growth Corridor Plan, have been ignored by the State Government and the 'planners' at the Growth Areas Authority (whose role is to facilitate urban growth, not conservation).

You can help by writing now
We urge you to write a letter to metropolitan and/or local newspapers, your local (State) MPs, and the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment, Tony Burke, expressing your concerns at the lack of conservation provisions in the growth plan.

Letter writing hints:
You could refer to some the bad aspects of the plan:
·         The Growling Grass Frog (GGF) conservation corridor along the Merri will be narrowed to only 50m wide and straddled by the town centre of Lockerbie. This is likely to lead to the loss of the most important populations of this endangered species in the Merri catchment, according to researcher Dr Geoff Heard.
·         No new conservation reserves are shown on the growth corridor plan.
·         There is no sign of a promised extensive grassy woodland (i.e. Red Gum) reserve.
·         A token east-west "potential biodiversity link (to be further investigated)" extends across only part of the growth corridor and is not even continuous, being interrupted by quarry zones.
·         A dense grid of new freeways and 6-and 4-lane arterial roads, with no new rail line, will lock in unsustainable car dependence for residents and workers in the new suburbs.
·         Large areas within the extended urban growth boundary around Wallan are quite unsuitable for urban development, being flood-prone (the former Hernes Swamp), or steep land with highly erodible soils.
·         Between the draft and final corridor plans, even more land has been moved from green wedge or rural conservation zonings to residential or urban, in an apparent effort to maximise developer profits.

Please write ASAP.


Ray Radford,
Secretary, Friends of Merri Creek

School holiday felting workshops for kids!

(Special INTRODUCTORY Offer to friends and community)
For Ages 7-12 yr olds
Come along to our home based workshop and learn how to make felt. You will learn how to create a basic set up for felting at home.
All materials will be supplied and you will take home your own felt scarf to wear for winter!
Dates currently available: Wed 4th & Wed 11th July, 2012 Time: 10am – 12.30pm & 1.30pm - 4pm
Cost: $45 - all materials included
Location: Reservoir (near Coburg Drive-In)
(Special INTRODUCTORY Offer to friends and community)
For Ages 10-15 yr olds
Come along to our home based workshop and learn the basics of screen printing. You will learn how to create a basic hand cut stencil & then print onto your own t-shirt, hoodie or tea towels.
All screen printing materials will be supplied and you will take home your own design, screen printed on the garment of your choice.
Dates currently available: Fri 6th July & Thurs 12th July, 2012
Time: 10am – 1pm & 2pm - 5pm
Cost: $55 - all screen printing materials incl., bring your own t-shirt, hoodie or tea towels. Location: Northcote
If you have a group of 5 or 6 we are able to run a special group just for you & your friends – just call us to arrange.
Bookings essential as places are limited.
For more information please contact Miriam on 0408 101 678 or Serena on 0421 677 176 

Have you seen Disco?

My neighbours in Spring St Coburg have lost their dog Disco.
He’s white, Pomeranian x, meaning small, more slender than a maltese x, and with longer legs. About 5 years old.
He’s unsterilised, no microchip, id or rego. He does need a good haircut, and has a regular collar on.
He’s been missing since Monday 25/6/12 it seems.
He’s fond of spinning around in circles when he’s excited.

I checked Gracie St Lost dogs last night without success, (and still recovering from that somewhat traumatic experience! Most of the dogs told be they’d be happy to be called Disco if it meant getting out L). I will also be checking with other places too, like Epping pound.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Looking for local connections!

Hello! I've recently moved to Coburg North with my small family. I have a 19 month old boy and another on the way in a couple of months. I'm wondering whether there are any parents groups getting together in the area? Alternatively, are there any parents at home during the week who'd be interested in starting a play/walking group? We are near the Coburg Lake/Jackson Reserve so that's a good starting point for me, but I'm flexible! Thanks, Cecilia

Native hibiscus anyone?


Here’s my first listing for the new blogspot…

Sadly, but also excitedly, my family and I are moving houses away from this amazing community, to lovely green Research. As we are preparing to sell our house, and get our garden in order, we have a lovely 2.5m high native hibiscus, with deep purple flowers, needing a new home. If anyone is interested, it would have to be taken by no later than this coming Sunday 1st July, with your own transportation.

Please contact me on 0407046422 if interested.

Many thanks!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sip's new email address....

Sip has a new email address, her bread is amazing!

Its now:

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Speaking of tradies… does anyone know an Electrician who will work on our houses? I would like some new power points – that sort of thing.

I have had 3 around for quotes, all sounded cheerful about the work but never came through with a quote. I generally take that to mean they aren’t interested. I want some bits and pieces work done, so it’s not so appealing as new extension work.

Thanks all, Meriel (Mez)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jars anyone?

I have too many jars; about 12 passata jars (700ml approx), 10 previously-for-olives jars (approx 300ml) and half a dozen ex-tomato paste jars (approx 450ml). They have metal lids with that weird plastic coating all supermarket lids have. Any use for anyone? Wish I was a preserver/jam maker, but if I become one, I'll have a heap more jars handy by then anyway ...

email me if interested, can be picked up North Coburg near Athletics track

my email is:

Great music!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vote for Friends of Merri Creek in the National Landcare Awards

Vote for Friends of Merri Creek in the National Landcare Awards

As the winner of the 2011 Victorian Urban Landcare Award, Friends of Merri Creek will represent Victoria at the 2012 National Landcare Awards in Sydney on 4 September.
FoMC President, David Redfearn, will be at the awards on our behalf, but we’re up against some pretty big heavyweights and David will need more than a slingshot to beat those goliaths. Luckily, you can give him some support by voting for us in the People’s Choice Award. Just look for the Urban Landcare category and cast your vote for Friends of Merri Creek at:
We believe that what makes us special as an Urban Landcare group is our intimate involvement in the organisation that manages our asset (ie: Merri Creek Management Committee), and our works to protect threatened species like Growling Grass Frog, Golden Sun Moth, Murnong, and Dianella amoena.

We look forward to receiving your vote.

Ray Radford
Secretary, Friends of Merri Creek

Monday, 18 June 2012

Friends of Edgars Creek planting.

Hi FoEC members and Friends,

A quick note to remind everyone about our planting activity this Sunday from 1-3 PM.

We are doing infill planting of grasses along the Silurian cliff extension (Just north of the cliff/steps). Site access is easy from either Ronald St or Livingston St. 

Come on down and have a look at the freshly unearthed escarpment that was previously hidden behind the stand of willows - quite a change indeed if you are yet to see the site.

Kind regards,

David Pavone

FoEC President.

Free food processor!

Sunbeam Food Processor FREE to good home!
It's a 'MultiProcessor', 1.75L liquid/1.5kg solid capacity.
Hardly been used, given to us by a relative but we don't need it.
Give me a ring on 0434 677 26 if you're interested.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Handyperson needed!

Hi all,
I am looking for a handyperson to do some painting and siliconing (some small jobs) who is not too expensive.
Can anyone recommend anyone?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

More plumbers!

Not sure about cost, but a very good plumber is a friend of mine, 
Tim Follett: TJF Plumbing & Maintenance 0411 100 696

Good plumber

Geoff is local (Elizabeth St.) and honest and reasonably priced. I've 'used' him on and off for years.
Good bloke. 0412 437 789. - Jo T

 PlumberI can recommend a very good plumber, his rates are very reasonable. He lives in Hadfield, so is fairly local.
Paul 0418543316
I don't have his surname or business name- just his number in my phone. But he is very good.

Alternatively Bernie has been great to us!!
He lives in Preston and is a lovely man.
0418 556 994.
Cheers Mel.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Home wanted

The owners of my place are coming back from Italy or something and want to live there from August.
If anyone sees a one bedroom for Allan (the cat) and I in the Preston-Coburg-kind of nearby-hood, under $1100 a month please lemme know.
Or if you have a cubby out the back of hour house, that might work.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Plumber needed!!

Plumber Needed!

Please can anyone out there recommend a good (and inexpensive) plumber?  We have a tap that won't turn off fully so we need to keep switching on and off at the mains.  



Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fresh silverbeet!

Hi everyone,

We did a spot of harvesting on monday, and as a result have quite a few bunches of lovely exuberant silverbeet, far more than I could ever persuade my teenagers to eat. If you would like a bunch, please feel free to help yourself from the box at the front door of 10 Rasmussen Court, Coburg.

Rachel and Richard

Monday, 11 June 2012

Heavy duty dough mixer needed!

Hi Newlanders.
I have been using my dough mixer to the extent that it gave up the ghost.
I really need a heavy duty dough mixer.
Does anyone have an idea where I can get a secondhand one?
Ideally 8 to 10 litre capacity.
Or; could I use one from somebody for a short period in return for some
Fresh Crusty Organic Sourdough Bread?
Sip  mobile 0438175764

Another break in.

Hello lovely neighbours,

Our house was also burgled last Wednesday 6/6/12.  They stole computer gear and assorted other stuff.  Obviously it would be great if anyone saw anything at 14 Connolly Ave on this day then it would be much appreciated if you could let us know or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.  It's certainly is making us more security conscious, and aware of how it impacts beyond the "stuff" which is not so important really, it's more the sense of feeling unsafe and that our home has been violated.  I do appreciate how difficult this may have been for some of our other neighbours who have been through this recently, and hopefully we can prevent it from happening to anyone else.

Cindy and Edward

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Television screening

Dear friends, family and colleagues,Utopia Girls: How Women Won the Vote
Thursday 14 June, 9.30pm

Thursday, 7 June 2012

ride to conquer cancer buddies/winter gear

Hey everyone,

I'm doing a 200km bike ride in October fundraising for the Peter Mac Cancer center called the Ride to Conquer Cancer. I've raised $2,500 and am starting to get pretty focussed on training.

I'm doing the ride solo and am wondering if there are cyclists reading this who might be doing the ride and would be interested in some long rides on the weekend. Alternatively I'm hoping there's someone reading this who does long rides for whatever reason and would be ok with having me along. It would be great to have some cycling mates to train with. I'm VERY new at all this, so it may be that I'll need to get to a better standard first, but it would great to make some connections.

I'm also wondering if anyone has cycling clothing languishing in cupboards that they would be able to send my way. I'm size 10-12 women's and at the moment am looking for compression tights bike shorts booties to go over my bike shoes a waterproof fluoro jacket

Thanks heaps,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hello fellow bread lovers.
I have had so much good reactions on my bread baking! Thank you all for that! It really makes it worthwhile getting up for on saturday morning.
I also had some reactions about the bread being too doughy or too yeasty.
I really rely on these reactions; I am still learning and hopefully improving my baking skills.
Another thing I heard was the wish for organic bread. 
This saturday I will bake with organic Laucke flour for the first time.
The price of the loafs will stay the same.
So; better quality and organic bread for the same price! 
I hope to hear from you. Sip

I can take orders up untill the friday morning. 
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs from the white bread cabinet at the start of our drive;
at 56 LIVINGSTONE STREET, COBURG NORTH after 9am every saturday!
Pay for your order at pick-up, $5 per loaf. 
You can leave the money in the pot inside the bread cabinet.

Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order. 
mobile; 0438175764 (TEXT Preferred)
Or drop a note in the letterbox.

Matching Refugees with Local Share Houses

Khaane - Home

Have a spare room in your share house?
Have a bungalow out the back?
Can you rent it out at a cheap price?
If so, please send your details to be a part of a new net-work in the Cities of Yarra, Darebin, and Moreland that will link private rentals with people who are new to Melbourne.

Send your details to Ela:

Phone 941193744 for more information

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Hi everyone, just a reminder that if you post something that you might get a reply in the comments..... there was a reply to the nappy post here

free microwave

Hi there,

I have a microwave that is in perfect working order and was wondering if anyone would like it for free. The brand is Sharp. 
If anyone is interested in coming around and collecting can they please call me on my mobile 0418135209.


Mel, Jarrah and Jedda

A winter offer

Dear Clients and all, 
I have been back from maternity leave for a few months now and I'm ready to get stuck into a bit of winter wellbeing.
What better way to take that chill off your days than with a soul warming massage?

As of the 1st of June I will be offering my clients a discounted rate of 40% off your first massage of the month, over the next 3 months.
That means you can potentially have 3 massages at the reduced price.
So get back into your maintenance routine and give yourself that well needed boost into spring.

Bookings can be made for:
Tuesdays 8am to 1pm
Alternate Saturdays starting from June 2nd 8am to 1pm.

Just remember to mention this email when you're booking to receive your 40% off.

Looking forward to seeing you soon at C4w.

Kind regards,

Heidi George
Dip. Remedial Therapies
356 Rathdowne St.
Carlton North  Vic  3054
Ph: +61 3 9347 4444
Fax: +61 3 9347 4466
Mob: 0415 411931

Friday, 1 June 2012

Seeking Housemate to Share Beautiful Home on the Merri Creek

Dear awesome community,

I am seeking someone to share a beautiful home with me on the Merri Creek (Connolly Ave, between Murray and Bell st).
The room is well sized, light and sunny, with large windows overlooking the back garden, built in robe, high ceilings and floorboards.
The house directly overlooks the creek, with water views from the living area and front garden. Also features a newly renovated kitchen with dishwasher, floorboards, high ceilings, reverse cycle air conditioning and open fire, gas hot water and bath, studio, decking, double glazing, and a lovely garden (vegie and native).
I am a creative, mid 30s woman, working in the arts (contemporary dance/performance/teaching) and community. I am friendly, considerate, eco-conscious and like to dance in the loungeroom from time to time. Sammy the cat is also a resident. Seeking a like minded someone to complete this happy home.
The room is 190pw plus expenses (internet and utilities). Bond also required. Must see! (really, its lovely). Available now.

Contact Kelly:(m) 0414061600 (e)