Friday, 31 August 2012


Hi people
Anyone for avocado feast? . .
Andrew is an organic farmer who sadly finds himself with lots of fabulous avocados, but this year is in a fruit fly restricted area (does NOT have fruit fly himself), which makes it hard to sell his avos through his normal channels.
Local Organics (Brunswick East) are helping him out by putting in a bulk order with him directly and need more people to divy up 180kgs of Avos!
The avocados are $5 per kg and will ripen over 5-7 days if left at room temperature. Approx. 4 or 5 avos in a kg depending on size.
Orders close Tuesday 4 September -

Collection from Thursday 6 September - Thornbury, East Brunswick, Murundaka (Heidelberg Heights), PepperTree Place (Coburg) . .
Select your preferred pick-up point when you add to your shopping cart

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Anyone need a cleaner?

Dear All,
We have a brilliant cleaner (Jenna) who is looking for more homes to clean.
She lives in Coburg and travels by bike, so Coburg/ Brunswick is her area.
I know how long we searched for, so I'm spreading the love baby.

Scott & Sophie Burchell

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake.

As featured last Saturday at the SheOak planing with Meccarg. Great cake work folks, but my fave was Caed's beetroot cake, but this one is pretty good.

For me the biggest challenge is getting the pumpkin grated , but once past that its easy.
I can't see why you can't use any similarly firm veg - like carrot, beetroot...? but apple might be too wet.
I rarely make the topping, but it is nice and can be used with or without the cocoa on other cakes.

Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

3 cups grated pumpkin
3 eggs
1 cup oil (not olive)
vanilla essence
1 cup sugar
2 cups wholemeal flour (yeh but, I use 1/2 white & 1/2 wholemeal)
1 heaped tsp bicarb
1 heaped tsp baking powder
3 heaped tbs good cocoa
walnuts (which I don't think I've ever added)

Combine pumpkin, eggs, oil and vanilla.
Sift flour, cocoa, bicarb & baking pwdr, gradually adding into the mix.
Add sugar and nuts. Mix well.
Its quite a stiff mix at first, but the pumpkin soon moistens it up.
Bake 1 hour 350/moderate. Open oven to cool.

1 small packet Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 tbs butter
vanilla essence
1 tbs sifted cocoa

Cream the lot and spread on the cool cake.


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Fabulous garage sale of wonderful clothes!!

Community directory

Seeking small businesses in Newlands and surrounds!

Did you know that Newlands News has a local business directory? It's very small at the moment but we'd like to change that. If you're a local offering a local business or service we'd like to add you to our directory and link to you on the sidebar of the website.

Please email me at if you would like to be linked.

In your email please include:

  • a brief description of your product and/or service
  • your contact details
  • links to your website or Facebook page if you have them
  • maybe a photo - one that will look nice smallish.
Look forward to hearing from you!

Newlands Food Swap!

Newlands’ Gardens
Food Swap

On again!!!
Sunday September 9th
2-3 pm
Hutchison Place
For those who missed the first one, a happy crowd of locals gathered this autumn to swap food and meet locals. Some wonderful Newlands kids sold lemonade for charity; singing was gracefully offered.

Come and join your neighbours!

Bring whatever excess produce, seedlings or cuttings from your garden; home made goodies; recipes; gardening tips …
Free potting mix, pots, labels, rooting hormone and wheelbarrows’ parking spots.
Sack races anybody?
Next swap: December 9, same place and time. 2 Sundays before school holidays after that, for a New Newlands tradition!
Entry is still by snail donation!!! If you can’t catch one, a smile or a hello will do!

An old fence?

Is there anyone out there who can use 10 m of old fence? If you can, please email me if so:

Also, STOVE parts: I have an unused Chef Select and they don't make the parts for it any more: if you come across anyone chucking an old one out, I need all the griller and oven parts.
Don't we love this blog?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Bell Primary Farmers Market.

Dear Farmers Market lovers!

Come browse a great range of stalls this Saturday at Preston Farmers Market from 9am to 1pm, Cnr Scotia St & Oakover Rd, Preston.

Stalls include: seasonal fruit and veg, beef, lamb & pork, breads, pastries, preserves, eggs, honey, pasta, body products and much much more.

Be sure to visit this month’s top 3 Preston stallholders:
Owen Tracey - muffins , friands, cookies
Native Bliss – soap & bath products
H & LM Sanders - apples

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Community She Oak Planting Day!

Stinging nettles please.

Hi There

We are looking for Stinging Nettles!

If you have some in your garden that have not been sprayed with any nasties, and would throw them away, please let us know…We are happy to come and pick them and are willing to offer some of the Nettle pesto made from it in exchange!

Please call Anthony 0418390081

Plastic cubby.

Wondering if any one would like this 'Wee Plastic Cubby '.
Our kids had hours of fun in it when they were little and out of it , oh and on top of it ..
Thanks mam
If interested call moi.Jody Bell 0466599686

Roof racks needed.


A friend is travelling to Northern NSW this Wednesday the 22nd Aug and is URGENTLY seeking roof racks for her
Toyota van. Dimensions: 2.4m x 1.28m

If any one has any offerings for sale or give away or suggestions on where to find some please call her:

Mel: 0439 038 499

Thank you!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Drafts person wanted....

Hi Mel,

Thanks for putting our request in the community newsletter about the need for a drafts person. Just realised that I forgot to add my email address. Would it be possible to add our email contact details so people can respond to us directly please? My email address is

Sorry for being a pain,

Love Morena X.

Handy person.

HI everyone,

Just thought I'd post the details of my very good handyperson - belatedly- in response to requests a while back.

Jeff Campbell, lives in Northcote, is very reliable and very reasonably priced. I'm always happy with the work he does - painting, carpentry, most home maintenance jobs - his number is 9489 0258

Rachel 0406 783 418

Architect wanted.

We're looking for an architect with green leanings to help us design an extension - has anyone worked with an architect they could recommend? Preferably localish

Many thanks
Rachel 0406 783 418

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Oranges a Plenty!

There is still a big box of local oranges at our front door.
Please come and help yourself.
29 Peterson Ave.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Looking for a room.

A Melbourne request.
A young refugee- teenager but not under age- needs a room preferably
with a family. He has just got his permanent visa and is working full
time and is quite independent and able to pay board.
He speaks English but will benefit from living in an English speaking
home. He is a wonderful young man, working long hours to send money home
to family.
If you know someone with a spare bedroom, preferably in the northern
suburbs or close to transport in inner suburbs, please forward this request.

Pamela Curr Campaign Coordinator Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 12
Batman st West Melbourne 3003 ph 03 9326 6066 / 0417517075 "AUSTRALIA.
Built by boatpeople."


Hello everyone,

We are in need of a quality drafts person to complete our house plans. We have been working with an architect and our plans are well advanced i.e. we are in the working drawing stage of the process. Would anyone be able to recommend a drafts person who is easy to work with and can get the job done quickly and efficiently?

Thanks so much George and Morena.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

FoEC planting.

Hi FoEC members and Friends,

A quick note to remind everyone about our planting activity this Sunday from 1-3 PM (from around 12 noon we will be on site if you want to join us earlier).

We are working on an extension of the Silurian cliff site, east side of the creek just north of the Kodak bridge. Site access is easiest from Ronald St, though boots are certainly recommended.

Forecast for the day is partly cloudy – so that means we will get sun! and a very slight chance of a shower and 15 degrees.

This planting supplements the last (July) planting and will see more grasses and shrubs join the roughly 1000 or so grasses, reed, shrubs and trees that were planted into the large area of jute mat and surrounds that hopefully everyone has seen by now.
Hello bread lovers.

I recently purchased (another) dough mixer, this time it will last for
a bit longer hopefully.
This machine will mix it better than I can ever do by hand, and
therefore the breads might be a bit lighter in texture. (same weight
of minimum 800 grams)
I am happily taking more orders for crusty white or crusty sourdough
bread, until friday at 12 noon.
After that I will start the slow process of sourdough fermentation.
(If there are orders coming in after friday 12, I will have to use
bakers yeast.)
If there are wishes for a different kind of bread I would love to hear.
I might introduce a sweet morning tea bread for instance. Ideas are
Love Sip

More kefir....

I have kefir to give away, enough for two households. Sip, 04381757664

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Computer classes.

Hi Mel,
I thought this might appeal to some locals. My Mum is teaching a computer course, and they need more students. She is a great teacher (if I say so myself ;~)

St Clair's Primary school in Thomastown are running Computer Lessons.

Lessons aim for you to get the most out of your computer. They are targetted to your level and include basic operation, email and internet use, and maximising efficiency in using programs such as Windows 7, and Office 2010.
This is a government subsidised program, running 9:30 - 12:00 Mondays, costing a single payment of $40 for eligible students, and that covers all lessons for the rest of the 2012 school year. The course will not be run if there is insufficient interest, so please call to see if you qualify for this bargain.
Please contact:
St Clair's Primary school 9465 8535, and ask for the course coordiantor, Narelle, or contact Narelle directly on 0447 075 552

Highchair wanted.

I need to get a high chair and was wondering if you know of anyone who wants to sell theirs. I think a stand alone is the best although I know nothing about them, perhaps you have some suggestions?

Free freezer.

Hi all,
we are giving away a Kelvintaor 160 Ltr Freezer, It's pretty noisy so I would not suggest keeping it inside as we have done!

It would be great in the garage and turned on when a party is coming up for food or as a drinks chiller.

It works fine but is just too noisy to keep in a small living space.

Comes cleaned and defrosted with blackboard paint on one side for the kids!

Pickup is from Reservoir off Newlands road.

call 0408101678 / 0430140777
mim and tom x

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Save the date....

Hi Everyone.

Once upon a time the Merri Creek was surrounded by she oak and banksia groves. Now there is not one banksia left and only a few she oaks.

MECCARG are planning a special planting event on Saturday August 25 from 10-12 that will repopulate our part of the creek with such groves.

Save the date and come along and help plant with us, morning tea will be supplied!

Coburg Hill - potential land purchase‏

Please see attached mark up of the Development Plan which explains visually the 2 small areas of land we intend to purchase.

The first section of land relates to the proposed road connection to Ronald Street – the location of the road here is supported by council.

The second section of land relates to some surplus land Melbourne Water have adjacent to water main easements. It is intended for a raingarden (water treatment area planted with native plants).

It is important to note both these areas of land are not zoned or ever intended to be zoned for residential use.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards

A special evening at Olive Grove.

Looking for a drafting service or architect

We are looking to extend our Newlands house and are looking for an architect or drafting service who would be comfortable working with owner builders. We need someone who could help us finalise our plans and produce a final set of drawings ready for council approval processes and who could come to council meetings with us.

If anyone has worked with someone they would be happy to recommend, we would love to hear from you.
Janet and Gerard

Save the TAFE System!

BOOF - Friday 17th Lomond Hotel 9.30 FREE

Monday, 13 August 2012

Looking for a single bed mattress.

Does anybody have a single mattress that we could have or buy? Happy to pick it up as soon as you like.

Please ring Amelia on 0422 083 739. Thank you. x

Accountant/Financial Planner‏

Hi Everyone,
We are looking for an accountant and/or Financial Planner to help us with this years tax. Preferably, someone who is very good with family taxes.
If you know of someone could you please send us their details.
Denise and Sam
Elizabeth St

Sunday, 12 August 2012


We have a  bag  of sawdust.  It is very fine and is from good wood, no poison's. no treated wood. 

Call me on 0404 294 070

Protest against cuts to TAFE!

Please come to a rally this Thursday 16th August 12pm at the State Library to protest against the Ballieu Government's cuts to TAFE. It's really important that as many people as possible come along to show the Government that the community care about having a strong, vibrant and well resourced public TAFE sector across the state to provide accessible education and training opportunities for everyone. See attached flyer

Rachel 0406 783 418

Tofu and oranges.

Spare tofu block in tofu co-op!

We have a vacancy in the tofu co-op. If you would like to join now is the time!!
The tofu is made by Blue Lotus in Kilsyth and is organic. It is of the firm variety and is delicious.
It costs $3.35 a block and the money is organised through internet banking.
We get a delivery every fortnight on a Wednesday afternoon and the tofu lives in a esky out the front of our house in North Coburg until you come pick it up. It's all very easy.
I popped a picture in so you can see just how great it is. Merri looks very excited about it but she likes having her picture taken a lot more than she likes tofu.....
If you are interested give Mel a call on 0404 043 010.

Local oranges!

Yesterday we picked a big box of oranges from a house in Tilley St, some of them are very sweet, others a little less so.
The box is on our front porch, near the front door, next to the tofu esky. Come and help yourselves, take as many as you can eat.
Maybe someone has a great recipe they could share on the blog.........

Friday, 10 August 2012

Permablitz on Boyne St.

My name is Isobel and my partner and little boy and I have just moved into a house on Boyne st! we are really pleased to find such an active community resource in the newlands Blog. it seems like there are some awesome folk around these parts. So we are having a Permablitz at our place on the 1st of september and we'd love it if people in the area could know about it and maybe even come along! Here is the Link to the event.
thanks heaps Isobel

Save your foam meat trays!


I need about 50/60 clean foam meat trays for an art workshop that I am running in september.
Would people be able to save them for me? 

There will be a box in Mel and Andy's garage for co-op people (or anyone else that is close by) to leave them in...... 29 Peterson Ave North Coburg.
If you aren't part of that group, please send me an email when you have a bunch and I can pick them up?

Monday, 6 August 2012


Thought this may be of interest to some people....


The following notice was placed in the Leader newspaper on Monday 16 July 2012

Moreland City Council, acting under section 189 of the Local Government Act 1989 (“the Act”), proposes to exchange 131 square metres of the Council owned land adjoining Ronald Street, Coburg, being part of the Recreation Drainage & Sewerage Reserve on LP42627 shown hatched on the attached plan, for 131 square metres of land owned by the Coburg Land Company Pty Ltd, within the Coburg Hill development at 173-179 Elizabeth Street, Coburg.

The replacement land will form part of the open space land along the green wedge within the Coburg Hill development, specifically, part of Reserve No. 2, between Aperture Street and Focus Drive. 

Any person wishing to make a submission on the proposal must do so in writing by no later than 5.00 pm Monday 13 August 2012.

A person making a submission is entitled to request in the submission that they wish to appear in person, or to be represented by a person specified in the submission, in support of the submission at a meeting of the Council or its Urban Planning Committee on a date, time and place to be determined by the Council.
Submissions quoting reference No. D12/88066 should be addressed to Pauline Kiely, Moreland City Council, Locked Bag 10, Moreland, 3058 or delivered to the Moreland Civic Centre, 90 Bell Street, Coburg or emailed to

All submissions will be considered in accordance with Section 223 of the Act.

Please note that Council is required to maintain and make available for public inspection a register of submissions received in accordance with section 223 of the Act during the previous 12 months.  Details of submissions may also be included within the official Council Agendas and Minutes which may be made available on Council’s website.

Following the consideration of any submissions, Council may decide to sell the land, part of the land or not to sell any of the land.

Should you wish to make a submission please do so in accordance with the above.
If you have any queries please contact me on 9240 2456.

Pauline kiely
Property Officer

We need a chook house built!


We are moving to Research end of September, and looking for a competent handyperson who could build us a substantial chookhouse. Our chooks currently are predominately free range with a built in enclosure that we can’t take with us, and the property in Research is more or less fenceless and large. We will have access to the property from Aug 23 and will need it built before we move in end of September.

We have no idea how this should be done, so are after someone who knows about chooks and the requirements of their enclosure, and has the skills to get it together! The right price for the right job is on offer!

Please if anyone can help, or if you know of anyone who might be able to help, can you give me a call on 0407046422 or email


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Washing machine mechanic?

does anyone know a good washing machine mechanic?
0415 675585

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Free office swivel chair.

Perfect condition, red and black, super comfy and ergonomic - only getting rid of it because our desk is too low and the chair doesn't lower as much as we need it to.
Ideally, would love to swap for another office chair or even (randomly) a coffee/ spice grinder if there's one lying around but even so, this chair is free to a good home. 
Call Rosalinda on 0422 301 610 to inspect and hopefully collect.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Leaf curl spray recipe!

Hi Everyone.
I used this last season on my stonefruit trees and it worked a treat!
It is a recipe that our old mate Vasilli created.

150ml veggie oil
1 tbsp chopped chilli
1 tbsp crushed garlic
1 tsp eco friendly soap
1 lt water
Bring to boil, allow to cool, spray on plant every fortnight, never whilst in blossom.