Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rental in Preston

Great family home, recently renovated with large garden in great location.

Features include

weatherboard house
3 bedrooms - all with built in wardrobes
open plan kitchen, lounge and dining area
deck and entertaining area
ducted heating throughout
polished floor boards
renovated stainless steel kitchen with SMEG oven and dishwasher
renovated huge bathroom with large bath and separate shower
two toilets
water tank
native gardens
vegie patch and herb garden
fruit trees (some only just producing)
massive lockable shed
wooden cubby house, sand pit and large play space for kids (yes cubby and sand pit are staying - we are not taking them with us)
close to high st, preston market, train, tram, bus, schools and local parks
great neighbours
available for rent early December, ($430 per week)
14 Nichol St, Preston
contact Al 0419 102 455 or Jacq 0488 650 406

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Leukaemia Foundation's Light the Night

2 Years ago my "Angels" - inspiringly led by the amazing people in my practice at Fertile Ground Health Group - raised more than $20,000 for the Leukaemia Foundations Light the Night! It was massive and none of us could believe it - It was an amazing and humbling  show of support for me and my most unexpected health crisis! I have just realised it is on again on Wednesday and am going to go with my family to carry a white survivor lantern,  shed a few tears and have some more opportunity for reflection. Can you believe it is only 2 years?? Anyway, I am hoping to raise a mere $500 this year to support the Leukaemia Foundation - before Wednesday night! If you feel like contributing, the link is here

Gratitude is truly an essential ingredient for for health and life! As always, THANK YOU to all for your ongoing support of Jesper, me and my recovery. I have felt so blessed to have such a strong community around me over this time. We love living here. We love this blog, garden swaps, guerrilla gardening, friday night BBQs, clothes swaps, food co-ops, fundraisers, meal rosters, planting days, the pool, the school, community action, running in to you on the Merri Creek, neighbours dropping in, sharing stuff, supporting each other, meeting like minded people… Most of all we love feeling connected and part of something. How great is that? 

T: 0402 102445
Donate on:

Friday, 21 September 2012

Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

Here is all the all time favourite best ever delicious Gluten free Buckwheat pancake recipe I have ever found

Gluten Free Buckwheat Pancake Recipe

(makes 9 five inch pancakes)

1 cup of buckwheat flour

1/4 tsp. baking soda

2/3tsp. baking powder

pinch of sea salt

1 tablespoon maple syrup

1 1/4 cup of milk

1 tablespoon of butter, plus more butter for cooking

1 egg

In a bowl, whisk together the flour, baking soda, powder and salt. Melt the butter in a small pan, allow to cool.

Crack the egg open, holding over a bowl. Toss the egg yolk between the two shell halves, and let the white fall in to the bowl.

Add the egg yolk, maple syrup and butter to the milk, whisk to combine the liquids.

Pour the liquid mix in to the dry ingredients. Use a large spoon to thoroughly combine all ingredients. Add more milk if the mixture seems to thick. You want it to flow relatively slowly, but easily from a spoon.

Use an electric hand whisk to whisk up the egg white until it is just set and relatively solid. Gently fold this egg white in to the pancake mix until just combined. If you mix too much here then you will loose the fluffiness of the pancakes.

Heat up your pan, and rub the end of a butter stick over the cooking surface. When the butter is hot, pour in a scant 1/4 cup of batter. Cook this over medium heat until holes form in the top of the pancake, and the top looks almost set. Flip the pancake, and cook on this side for 15-30 seconds longer. Remove to a warm platter, and keep warm either in the oven or under a heat lamp.

Repeat with remaining mix.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Clothes Swap!!!!

Save the date the Newlands Clothes Swap will be happening after the school holidays.

Sunday October 21 from 11-1 in Cox Reserve

Bring along any clothes, shoes, books, toys, furniture, tools (anything really) that you no longer need and swap for something that you do need.

It costs $5.00 per family and we are raising money for curtains for Newlands Primary School library.

All of the leftovers will be donated to charity.

Bring a bunch of loose change so you can eat and drink from the cake stall table. If you can bring something yummy to donate to the cake stall even better!!

We will send out a reminder closer to the date.

Cheers Mim, Andy and Mel.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Looking to buy a reliable car

Hi Folks.
A local family are looking to buy a reliable car under the $5000.00 mark.
They are a family of four and are looking particularly for a car that does not have expensive replacement parts.
If you are selling a car that fits this description or know of one please leave a comment here.

Housemate Wanted

Housemate(s) sought to share lovely eco-conscious house on the Preston side of Coburg, just off Murray Rd near Merri Creek. Share with mid-40s part-time Dad (alternating weekends, occasional weeknights), youth arts worker with council, low-meat, semi-organic diet preferences, weekly sourdough baker, AND (until Christmas when the part-time Dad's teenaged daughter arrives to do VCE in Victoria) mid-50s male, dedicated cyclist & part-time masseur. House is gorgeous - renovated kitchen, polished floorboards all rooms, solar hot water, grey-water recycling, vege patch (embryonic at this stage, but will happen!) and the room is lovely - north-west facing with big windows and plenty of space. Seeking home-loving, sincere, reliable, creative-thinking types with a commitment to environmentally sensible living and socially progressive attitudes. Hoping to share values, meals and sunny afternoons in our lovely, landscaped backyard. Rent $160 per week for single, $220 for couple, bond $600; share bills (power, gas, water, internet). Real estate agent-free lease (ie. private owner!). Available from 28 September . Contact Sean asap 0414752908 or

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Looking for cardboard boxes.


I am looking for big cardboard boxes...refrigerators, washing machines and so on... for a project I am doing with my children!

Can pick up very quickly in the Newlands area.

Thank you!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Free queen mattress.


I've a FREE Mattress to GO!

It's on my front porch, it's a little worn but great for the spare room.

Needs to go by then end of this week...;) Trying to keep mattresses outta landfill

Text me if you want it and just come grab it!

23 Whitton Parade (Corner of Whitton and Outlook Parade)
Coburg 3058

0421 000 281

Eltham copper butterfly count.

My good friend Andrea has been doing an annual census of the threatened Eltham Copper Butterfly for as long as I can remember and it's that time of the year again to count caterpillars.  She is looking for volunteers to help out and would be happy if this call-out could be put up on the Newlands blog.  I've placed a copy of her email and attached the information flyer.


Lisa Masini (Zane's mum)

Dear all,

I will be coordinating the annual Eltham copper butterfly caterpillar counts for the 2012 Spring season.

Please find attached the information flyer for this year's counts. Please contact me if you would like to volunteer for one or more of this year's counts. Please feel free to forward the flyer to your relevant networks, or anyone who may be interested.

Many thanks,

Andrea Canzano
Zoologist | Melbourne
0437 354 213

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Friends of Edgars Creek

Hi FoEC members and Friends,

A reminder about our planting activity this Sunday from 1-3 PM (from around 12 noon we will be on site if you want to join us earlier).

We are working on an in-filling of previous works undertaken at the Gooseneck site immediately downstream of the Kodak bridge. We have a great forecast - 18 degrees and only a very slight chance of any showers (pretty unlikely - around 10% chance).

This planting is our annual celebration of the planting season and the hard work will be followed by 'refreshments' including a few snags and a toast to the season of planting that has been (and actually continues in October as well). 

Please join us to celebrate the season (even if you haven't been down for many events for the year!) Thankyou to those who have already indicated their availability (or not) and everyone else "See you on the creek".

Kind regards,

David Pavone

FoEC President.

Bread update

Hi bread lovers of the area. Since I purchased this great 10 litre dough mixer, my bread making life has improved a lot. 
I have been making a few weekly extras, olive breads and crusty olive baguettes. 
I am using organic flour for all breads; but the olives and sundried tomatoes that go into the olive bread are not organic. 
I am still working on this. I needed to know if there is a need/wish for olive bread. 
I will make it a regular from now on; so tell me if you like a ;

   >crusty organic white  $5<
   >crusty organic whole meal  $5<
   >crusty semi-organic olive bread  $6<
   >crusty olive baguette  $3.50<

Have a great weekend! Sip

 every saturday morning after 9am.
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs from the white bread cabinet at the start of our drive;
Pay for your order at pick-up,
loafs $5,
olive bread $6,
olive baguette $3.50
You can leave the money in the pot inside the bread cabinet.
Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order. 
e-mail Sip at;
mobile; 0438175764

Community Activity on the Merri

Community Activity
Saturday 22nd September 10am-12
Fence Building Morning by the Merri Creek

Please come along and help build a natural low fence to protect our wonderful murnong plants
Please bring along 2-3 metre sticks/branches that you have collected from your garden or in surrounding parklands and 
we will construct a lovely natural fence to help our murnongs grow.
Meet just south of the Murray Rd Bridge on Connolly Ave (look out for the flags)

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Looking for a rental.

Hi locals,

A friend of mine is urgently looking for a reasonably-priced two-bedroom house or flat to rent locally, for herself and her 14-month-old twins. She's currently in Regent and doesn't want to move too far away from support networks so somewhere in Reservoir, Preston, Coburg, Thornbury or East Brunswick would be great. Please contact me with any leads you might have - thanks in advance!

0407 830 820

Monday, 10 September 2012


Looking for a house that needs house sitting/ granny flat/ room to rent for a couple of weeks in early November.
Kat and I (Mack Doyle's Mum's) are expecting our baby on November 4th and my mother will be coming over from Tassie for a couple of weeks for the birth.
Our house will be a little crowded but I am hoping to find something locally where she can stay. Lovely lady, in her 50s, non-smoker.
Any questions or suggestions welcome:
Thanks, Eleanor

Thanks heaps!

Car mechanic needed.

Dear All,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a good car mechanic in the area. Our car is in need of some urgent TLC!



Thursday, 6 September 2012

Reminder: Newlands Gardens Food Swap

Newlands’ Gardens
Food Swap
On again!!!
Sunday September 9th
2-3 pm
Hutchison Place
For those who missed the first one, a happy crowd of locals gathered this autumn to swap food and meet locals. Some wonderful Newlands kids sold lemonade for charity; singing was gracefully offered.

Come and join your neighbours!

Bring whatever excess produce, seedlings or cuttings from your garden; home made goodies; recipes; gardening tips …
Free potting mix, pots, labels, rooting hormone and wheelbarrows’ parking spots.
Sack races anybody?
Next swap: December 9, same place and time. 2 Sundays before school holidays after that, for a New Newlands tradition!
Entry is still by snail donation!!! If you can’t catch one, a smile or a hello will do!

Sprout Community Market!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Community Arts Project.

Hello Community

Sussex Neighbourhood House - Coburg North is hosting a community arts project/exhibition at Gowrie Train Station this September - to explore the question: "What does neighbourhood mean to us? " 

See flier for details. It's FREE and open to ALL ages!

Thank you for posting this and connecting us...


Made'n'Thornbury Market

Courses at Sussex St Neighbourhood House

Sussex Neighbourhood House runs a series of courses and workshops designed for staff and volunteers of community groups and sporting clubs throughout the year. Volunteers are sponsored by Moreland City Council to support volunteering and civic participation. Over the coming months on offer is Anaphylaxis and Asthma, Facebook, First Aid, Mailchimp and Safe Food Handling.

Anaphylaxis and Asthma Training : Accredited Anaphylaxis and Asthma training suitable for workers, volunteers and family members. Both courses can be done one the same day and recieve 10% off total cost or book into one or the other. Sunday 28 October.
Anaphylaxis 10am to 12pm, Asthma 1pm to 3pm. Each course Standard Fee $60, or $20 for Volunteers. Both courses Standard Fee $108, or $36.

Facebook : Did you know there are approximately 11 Million Facebook users in Australia and the fastest growing user group is those over 45 years of age? If you haven't used Facebook before or have set up a page but aren't sure what to do with it, this is the course for you. Come and learn how to use Facebook and let it help you reach people and achieve your aims.
Wednesday 5, 12 and 19 September, 6pm to 9pm. Standard Fee $90 or $45 for Volunteers

First Aid Fast Track : Ideal for local sporting club leaders, parents, volunteer workers and staff wanting to learn first aid or simply refresh your skills. Practical and interactive enabling all participants to handle majoy injuries and emergency situations. This Fast Track certificate course involves completion of a pre-course workbook. Accredited program HLTFA308B - Apply First Aid.
Sunday 21 October, 10am - 4pm. Standard Fee $150, or $50 for Volunteers

Mailchimp : Want to share your organisation of small busines's current news and opportunities via a regular email newsletter? Looking for another way to promote the great work you are doing? Need a mechanism to keep people up to date with what is going on? In this hands on training you will learn how to use Mailchimp, a free online newsletter to create and distribute an electronic newsletter for your organisation.
Wednesday 14 and 21 November, 6pm to 9pm. Standard fee $60, or $30 for volunteers

Safe Food Handling : Ideal for parents, volunteer workers and staff whose daily work or volunteering involves preparation, packaging and/or sale of food products in hospitality, retail, food processing, health industries and fundraising. Certificate course delivered through Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre at Sussex Neighbourhood House.
Tuesday 4, 11 and 18 September or 13 20 and 27 November, 6pm to 9pm. Standard Fee $150, $50 for volunteers.

For more information and to book contact us on 9354 2210

Sussex Neighbourhood House · 235-237 Sussex St · Coburg North · Melbourne, VIC 3058

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Framlingham Tours.

Hi Folks,

Excellent cultural tour at Framlingham in the western districts. Nice weekend away. I’m planning on going, and camping.

Its byo food which keeps costs down for us.

I’ve heard they can arrange to pick you up from the train at Warnambool, and take you to the supermarket to pick up food too.

Perhaps you’d like to put it around to your colleagues/contacts?

Cheers Meriel.

Waark Cultural and Environmental Aboriginal Corporation

Waark Cultural and Environmental Aboriginal Corporation is a family/clan based organisation. Our members live in the Framlingham Aboriginal Community (25 kms north-east of Warrnambool, Victoria). This is the heart of our traditional country.

Waark was incorporated in August of 2008 and trades under the name of Possum tracks. It was established as a pro-active response to significant issues affecting our family/clan members. These included many of the same issues impacting on Aboriginal communities across Australia (high levels of unemployment and underemployment, health concerns, low educational achievements).

Under the guidance of the Waark executive, our members have been engaged in delivering cultural, educational and environmental based works for the past three years.

The focus of our group is personal and family well being building. We do this mainly through our tour program, which promotes the Framlingham Aboriginal Community to the wider non-Indigenous community in a positive and proud manner.

Framlingham has a rich history. It is one of only two discrete Aboriginal communities in Victoria, where Aboriginal people live on Aboriginal land. In many ways Framlingham Aboriginal Community is like a local government. It operates the community housing, sewerage farm, water supply system, rubbish collection, farm and forest land management programs, health service and cultural services.

Our tour program provides a focus and platform for employment, training, positive community activity, and pride in delivering a program that we have developed and are responsible for in all its components.

Waark operates with the authority of the Elders of our community. We do not receive any government funds and rely on our tour program to provide the majority of our income base.

Standing alongside tour leader (Possum Clark-Ugle) are other clan members who help maintain the camping ground, protect and manage cultural sites, and who meet, greet and join in with people participating in the tours. 

Benefits flow both ways. Visitors to our community at Framlingham get to spend quality time engaging with community members on our own land. They are welcomed guests and treated with respect. Our aim is to build understanding and trust between ourselves and our non-Indigenous guests. These are the foundation stones upon which to build reconciliation and to close the gap. We believe that our tour program informs, supports and energises people seeking a positive future.

We are and will continue to be a positive force building better futures for all of our children.

Join with us and help make it happen.

Please note that the former ATSIC chairman Geoff Clark has nothing whatsoever to do with these tours or the management of our community.

Tour Booking Enquiries: 

Brunswick Neighbourhood House

43A De Carle Street

Brunswick Vic 3056

Ph 9386 9418

Framlingham Aboriginal Community tour

§  Arrive at Framlingham Aboriginal Community
§  Welcome by Waark member
§  Introductions and cup of tea (and lunch for those who have brought a sandwich etc).  

§  Tour of Community facilities and overview of history of Framlingham
§  Includes-Kirrae Health Service
§  Waark Cultural and Environmental Aboriginal Corporation
§  Framlingham Aboriginal Trust

·             Visit old Mission Church
·             Inspect traditional eel traps in Hopkins river and other historical sites.

·             Back to community centre to organise accommodation.
§  Some guests will be sleeping on the floor in the community centre and the Waark office. Others will be camping at the camping ground at Framlingham Forest.
§  Further option is for motel accommodation in Warrnambool (20 minutes travel).  

·             After those guests who are bedding down in the community centre/Waark area have set up their sleeping area, everyone will depart for the Framlingham Forest Camping Ground.

·             Set up camp sites
·             Bush walk

·             Collect firewood for camp fires.
·             Put the billy on.
·             Set up BBQ’s and prepare for cooking dinner

§  Dance performance
§  Story Telling at Hopkin’s River  edge

·             Dinner
·             Sitting around campfire.
·             Didjeridoo  playing and swapping stories

·             Breakfast in Framlingham Forest

·             Pack up camp site

9.00 am                                   
·             Bush walk and talk
·             Boomerang throwing demonstration

·             Cemetery walk and talk

12.00 noon                           
·             Return to community centre
·             Cuppa and light lunch
·             Survey forms filled out
·             Farewells

Framlingham Aboriginal Community Tour

Arrive: Framlingham around 12.30pm Saturday

Depart: Framlingham around 1.00pm Sunday

Transport: Supply own transport to Framlingham

· Approximately 3 - 3.5 hours from Melbourne).

· Opportunity for car pooling.

Cost: Adult $90.00 non concession

$70.00 Seniors card

$40.00 Health Care card

Child (12-17yo) $20.00

(under 12) no charge

Bookings essential and must be paid one week prior to tour

Bookings through:

Brunswick Neighbourhood House

43A De Carle Street

Brunswick 3056 Phone 9386 9418


Payment Options:

The payment options are as follows;

1 Visit the office and pay by cash/cheque, EFT, credit card or money order

2: Fill out the registration form and mail along with cheque/money order made out to Brunswick Neighbourhood House back to 43a DeCarle Street, Brunswick.

3. Choose our direct debit transfer option and email us once you have completed the transaction along with your postal details and contact phone number

4: Pay via credit card over the phone on 9386 9418

Our bank account details are as follows:

Account Name: Brunswick Neighbourhood House

BSB: 013236

Account Number 197940003

Please use a reference of “fram” and your name or part thereof

 Meal and other Information
Framlingham Aboriginal Tour

What to bring.

1. Food
Guests are asked to bring their own food requirements for the weekend and can use community facilities (refrigerator, stove, bbq) for storage and cooking.

Meals for which you need to bring food.
o   lunch on arrival(a roll or sandwich)
o   dinner Saturday evening
o   breakfast Sunday morning
o   lunch Sunday
o   snack food

Supplied by community
o   afternoon tea Saturday
o   morning tea Sunday

2. Other items

o   good walking boots and a change of footwear in case boots get damp
o   some gear for cooking/eating
o   billy
o   long fork for toasting
o   mugs, knives, forks, plates, bowls
o   own particular tea and coffee paraphernalia if you do not like Nescafe or straight tea
o   Bottle of wine/Beer/ Preferred alcohol                  
o   Insect repellent
o   hat
o   weatherproof jacket in case of rain
o   torch or lantern
o   camera
o   gum boots (optional)
o   some drinking water, say 4 litres, for cooking, drinking etc
o   musical instrument

Accommodation Options

Framlingham Aboriginal Community Tour

Option 1
Tthe weather conditions are expected to be mild, it will be a great opportunity to camp in the Framlingham Forest Camping Ground. This is a fantastic bush camping area, with safe areas to pitch your tent; bush toilets (non flush); camp fire areas; bush kitchen and wood fire bbq’s.
(The koalas, wallabies, eagles come at no extra cost and the night sky is magnificent.

Possum Clark-Ugle will be camping with guests in the camping ground.
What to bring:
o   tent, mattress, sleeping gear
o   torch or lantern, matches
o   drinking water

Option 2
Motel in Warrnambool
We are making available for this tour a motel option. We have made arrangements with a motel to accommodate guests.
Guests need to contact motel direct and give Brunswick Neighbourhood House as the reference.