Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Toy Networx

A good christmas shopping opportunity...

Wednesday October 31st .
Unit 4/87 Newlands Rd. Reservoir
Open from 4pm – 9pm
Entry by ticket only, available at the door (warehouse rules) - Ticket price $5 per adult
Toy Networx is a warehouse filled with over 10,000 different toys available to you at wholesale prices. 

This is a fund raiser for the West Preston Baptist playgroups, which also supports a playgroup for Post-natal depression mums. 
They will receive a cheque for 10% of the amount spent on the night, and you get to buy from a huge range at discount prices. Start your Christmas shopping early.

Everyone is welcome – invite your family and friends. The more the merrier!  Sorry, children not permitted.

Queen mattress and base.

Hi Community!

I have a Queen size mattress and base that's going for free.
It's been in my spare room and we're clearing it out.

Call Emma-May: 0411 809 450 if you are interested.

Monday, 29 October 2012


Fellow Newlanders

After planting out our front last year - its now time to cut back - so if any-one would like some cuttings (for free) please let me know. Just give me a call on 93546401 during the week.

Cuttings Available:

Pigface - 3 Different varieties & Rose Geraniums.

Cheers Cath.

Creative Care for Carers

Dear Carers

I would like to invite you to two free sessions at Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House in November. I am offering companioning creative care to explore and experience self - care and 'giving from the over flow' a Sufi saying, rather than giving from a well.

The arts have long been acknowledged as contributing to people's well-being and are open and accessible to everyone. Maybe you care for a loved one and would like to explore some ways of being creative - to also care for yourself. I draw on my 10 years as Registered Nurse and 5 years of parenting and creatively working with a wide range of people including children and adults, who require full time care by loved ones, so I feel I may know a little about your challenges in being a Carer and also your joys.

I offer a gentle, safe, nurturing and nourishing space for you to gather with others who may share some of your experiences.

This is a free event offered by Thornbury Women's Neighbourhood House for the recent October Carer's Week.

With warmth and respect...

Marita Jacobsson
Creative Arts Companion/Community Artist

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Could you do with some Relaxing and Energising?


Book in for a treatment and feel your energy refreshed.
Shiatsu can be helpful for conditions such as
- back, neck or shoulder pain
- anxiety
- injury
- menstrual issues
- digestive concerns
- pre & post natal care
- sleeplessness
- sciatica
and many more

Also in the Season of Spring, Shiatsu can be very helpful in supporting a Detox program. This is the Season which is of the Wood Element in Oriental Medicine, when the Liver energy is at its most active.

I have practiced Shiatsu in many varied settings, supporting women in birth, assisting people experiencing drug & alcohol withdrawal, in corporate offices, and in the beautiful clinic space at Autumn Retreat. I have worked for many years as a Registered Nurse, and am mother to my 3 1/2 year old daughter, Micah.

Treatments available at Autumn Retreat, 129 Miller St Thornbury
Tuesday 2pm - 8pm (and other times by appointment) $80/$60 conc.

Call me, Naomi Takita, for any queries about Shiatsu or to make a booking
Mention this post for $10 off your first treatment
0401 561 339

Looking for Bantams.

Wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to purchase Bantam Hens?
If so would appreciate you dropping me a line at kellyredfalling@gmail.com and letting me know about it.

I Went to the Newlands Clothes Swap and all I got was this…

Fabulous pink, yellow, aqua and green curly whirly woolen scarf,

A brown suede jacket, lined, warm and cut perfectly to fit,

A fury, sheepskin jacket,

A pair of black boots,

A Thomas the Tank Engine sheet,

I got a fabulous floral frock,

I got to hold a baby,

I got a caramel coloured beret,

I got to get rid of a lot of stuff,

I got a cosy green woolen hoodie, exotic woven scarves and flowerpots.

I got to make new friends and

I got to feel welcomed into a great community.

Gee thanks one and all!

Liz Skitch

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Babysitter recommendations

Looking for some recommendations for local babysitter in Brunswick or Coburg.

Expressions of interest for NPS fete!

Hi Everyone.
If you haven't heard the exciting news yet the Newlands Musical Market festival is coming up on Saturday November 24 from 2-6.
There are loads of great musical acts playing, many wonderful stalls and heaps of kids activities planned. More information to come very soon....
We are looking for expressions of interest for more stalls. The theme is local, handmade, homegrown, secondhand.
If you are interested please let Mel know on melmate@hotmail.com

Anyone know an arborist? Palm Tree advice needed

Hi Everyone,

Our little Coburg North forest is getting out of hand.

We have a 65 year old Canary Island Date Palm causing possible interference with the neighbours building plans….

We would love to keep it, move it, realign it’s probably not practical.

Firstly – right now we are looking for someone to tidy up the tree, cut a few branches off a large tree that is next to the palm and do a general cleanup in this very overgrown corner of the yard (ivy!!) so we can see a little clearer what the issues are. Then some advice on what we should do next.

You can leave me a message here or call/SMS me on 0413314790 (I don’t always answer but will return call later)




Carpenter new to area.

Seeking maintenance work and decks, pergolas etc

Contact Andrew email: jollyjolliffe@westnet.com.au

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Removal of European Bees

Does anyone have the skills for or information on the removal of European Bees?

As of last night, a colony have taken up residence in the vent space of our house.

If you have the skills and ability to transfer this buzzy family to a hive (material or afterlife hive); or any tips on cheap, easy removal, please let me know. They are hogging so much of our backyard, on this lovely sunny day. I don't even wish to risk getting the clothes off the line.

Thanks Naomi
0401 561 339

Clothes swap

Wasn't clothes swap great? I took a few photos on the day and thought you might like to see them. If you've never been to a clothes swap before, this is what it looks like. It's $5 per family, you bring all your unwanted stuff and then take something new to you home. The money goes to a local cause, in this case curtains for the Newlands Primary School library and left over goods are collected by a charity.
Lots of people and lots of clothes to sort through
Mel A
Andy found these great boots
Lots of shoes
Merri on the cake stall
There was also a refreshment table with home made cakes, biscuits, tea, coffee and soft drink.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Puppies for sale.

4 puppies for sale.
Lab x kelpies.
$300 each.
Contact Jade at 0421914543 for info

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Looking for a Station Wagon

I am looking for a station wagon in great condition.

Preferably with a roadworthy and some registration on it.
Between $4000 to $5000.

Please call 0403 740 520 or email jquinsee@moreland.vic.gov.au

Many thanks.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Chanting Course and Yoga Retreat!

Friends of Edgars Creek Planting!

Hi FoEC members and Friends,

A reminder about our final planting activity this Sunday from 1-3 PM (from around 12 noon we will be on site if you want to join us earlier).

We are working on an extension of the caravan park site (new for FoEC in 2012!) We have a great forecast - 18 degrees and only a very slight chance of any showers (pretty unlikely - around 10% chance). It is a wonderful site, beautiful and quiet and gorgeous rock escarpment at the creek edge that we are working above (on nice flat ground and some sloping ground – easy terrain will definitely be available for the non-mountain goats!)

Please join us to celebrate the end of the planting season (even if you haven't been down for many events for the year!), though it is not the end of the calendar of events – we have a scheduled November event as well (which incidentally will change from the original calendar as the mulching of the cliff extension will now be done by “blow –in” mulch - thanks go to Lori and the Moreland City Council for their support with the mulching).

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

HumaNature Connect.

Subject: Creatively Connecting to Nature Network hosted by HumaNature Connect (Erica Gurner)

Hi there,
I would like to introduce to you my new business, HumaNature Connect. The first offering of this business will be the 'Creatively Connecting to Nature Network' .

It will be free. I invite you to check out all of the information on my website http://humanatureconnect.com/network/ and the attached flier, but in brief the network is for facilitators, artists, educators, therapists or any other practitioners that uses creative expression in their work to explore relationships with nature. It is designed to enable practitioners to meet with other like-minded folk to share and explore their practice, experientialy. I am contacting you because either you do this kind of work or you may be networked to those who do. I would really appreciate if you were able to share this information within your networks and display the flier if you think its appropriate. RSVP is to humanatureconnect@gmail.com. I really hope to see you there!

As you visit my website be aware that I am still building the content in particular the 'Services' section so I apologise for any current gaps. In brief my work will focus around developing and facilitating reflective programs that explore relationships with nature using experiential, adventurous and creative approaches. The purpose is to build eco-literacy leading to a positive influence on personal well-being and in turn the health of the environment. I will also be offering Consultation to assist others to plan similar programs and or nature and adventure based experiences. My programs particularly suit a personal and professional development context. They can be stand alone or can serve as an engaging framing or debriefing activity. Programs will be aimed at the general public, mental health, education and community sectors.

Thanks for your support as I establish my exciting new venture, HumaNature Connect.

Best wishes

Erica Gurner

PS: I also have a Facebook site. If you and or your Organisation has a Facebook page it would be great if we could 'like' each other for the purpose of cross promotion.

Bathroom Renovation Recommendation?

Does anyone have any recommendations for bathroom renovation people? We're not after anything fancy but my idea requires someone who's good with timber (and tiling and plumbing of course).
0434 677 826

Monday, 15 October 2012

House needed

House needed
House to rent needed now or anytime before Feb.
Need 3 bedroom or 2 plus study in Preston and surrounds area
Looking for 1-2 year lease.
I am an Excellent tenant!
If you know of anything please call Kat 0412992513

Wholemeal is back!

Hi all!
I have confidence in my sourdough wholemeal loaf again! I found out
why it didn't rise anymore. And guess what; I have been kneading the
dough too long!! Would you believe. Sourdough can rise too long and
collapse again, there is a 'peak time' for baking.
I never knew but found out the hard way.
And now this; I doesn't like to be treated too vigorously. Tat tat.
Very fussy. A bit like my youngest daughter.
I show you a picture of the loafs before baking. (I know, they are
part of my family).

Note; the two BIG ones on the front are wholemeal...

They were in fact too big for my oven, I have to lower the shelf especially for them.So, the wholemeal is BACK ON THE MENU.I now have 5 good quality bread knives for sale. I will put them out on saturday; $15 each. (20cm stainless steel; brand Aussie Chef)If you need one before then, just text me (0438175764) and I'll put it out.I just thought its not good leaving those blades out on a dead end road near the creek....And see you at the clothes swab?! (or is it cake swab) Sip

Bed side tables

I give away two bed side tables. They are in great knick; Solid
American Ash, very blond wood colour, with mother of pearl shine in
it. No damage.
Made by Nordwins in America. The catch; they are LARGE. 60cm wide 60cm
high and 50 cm deep. Anyone?? Sip @ 56 Livingstone Street

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Clothes Swap Reminder!

Hi Folks.
Just a little reminder that the clothes swap is coming up next Sunday October 21 starting at 11.00.
Bring anything you no longer need and swap it for something that you do need!
$5.00 per family to join in.
Don't forget to fill your pockets with change so you can fill yourself up with delicious cakes (or even better bring along a cake to donate).
We are fundraising for curtains for the Newlands Primary School library.
Cheers Mim, Mel and Andy.
Ps - the first Friday night BBQ was very cold but still fun!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Suzuki Ignis For Sale

Suzuki Ignis for Sale (2002), done lots of kms and needs some brake work but registered and goes.
Its a good little car but rough around the edges. My mum has given me her old car so I didn’t want to spend the money to fix this one up.
$1000 ONO
In Preston if you want a look.
Kat - 0412992513

Breakfast News

Hi newlanders! Its Sip here, the baker.
I am now making granola fresh every week, to kick start your weekend. All you need to ad is fresh milk or yoghurt.
Made with organic oats and organic local honey. (the seeds nuts and fruit are non organic)
Comes in a glass jar, for $12. A refill is $10.
Orders are welcome in the same trusty way you order bread; mobile phone, email or a knock on my door.

FRESH GRANOLA (honey toasted organic oats)
every saturday morning after 9am.
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs or granola from the cabinet at the start of our drive;
Pay for your order at pick-up,
loafs $5,
olive bread $6,
olive baguette $3.50
granola 500gr $10 (refill $8)

You can leave money in the pot inside the cabinet.
Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order.
e-mail Sip at; donkeywoodworks@gmail.com
mobile; 0438 175 764

A Gathering of Yoginis

Dear Community

After spending a warming womanly afternoon sharing stories, listening and being together,
I would love to share the news that Jess is holding a retreat very soon for women.

See details below...



Dear fellow meditators,

I wanted to let you know that my next retreat A Gathering of Yoginis is looming close - I would love to see you there!
I have just returned from a journey to the USA studying with one of my teachers, Sophia Diaz, a master of the feminine domain
in spiritual practice. I am greatly inspired by her rare, potent work. It is with great excitement that I offer my first womens retreat here in Oz,
informed by my extensive study of the Buddha dharma in monastries both in Oz and Asia, as well as the more hidden 'feminine' empowerments
I have received from brave female maverick teachers.
This will be an intimate retreat . .
You are very welcome. . .

Please check out the flier below!

Best wishes,

Jess Huon

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Newlands Primary School Trivia Night

Hi Folks.
Newlands Primary School are holding a trivia night on Friday October 26 at the Kastoria Club up the top of Elizabeth St. It is looking like being an excellent evening and we hope to get lots of locals along. I have a feeling it is not going to be a 'run of the mill' trivia night.

If you can't get together a table of 10, you can be put on a table with others.

We hope to see you there.

Local Self Defence Class for Women and Children

Hola Ladies~

I'm most excited to be pulling together a class for us, and our kids.
And also excited about moving into a place of empowerment and away from fear!
We will be working with Anita from Magic Movements~


Tues Oct 16th 10am
$20 per family


Coburg Lake Top Park


Coburg Lake Reserve- Top Park/ Play Equipment)
Enter via Newlands Rd, Off Murray Rd, Heading away from city.
Take the first left into De Chene Parade, Continue past houses until you see the park on the left.
We will be near the flying fox.

View Larger Map

(call me if you get lost: 0421 000 281)

Please feel free to pass onto anyone who may be interested, let them know to text me if they are keen.

Much Love

Lucille XXXX.


I have just moved into this area of Coburg and am involved with Moreland LETS. This is a community group based at CERES where the members offer things and do things for each other. There are LETS groups all over the world. The transactions are done using a points/credit system, without using money (except for materials and transport costs). Also we hold a Mingle and Market day on the 3rdSunday of every month at CERES.
More info at www.community-exchange.org.
New members are always welcome. (you can join on the website)
Please phone me if you have any question 0405 180 639

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Feed for Food co-op

Newlands already has an organic bulk food co-op (that is soon to be extended) and in order to build upon our local buying capacity we hope to begin a co-op that focuses on stockfeed products, manure and straw.

In order to minimise overall transport and create a ‘gardening community’ the Feed for Food co-op will place an order every 3 months with Andrews Stockfeed, Sydney Rd Coburg. Andrew will deliver the order to a designated house (on a roster system) for locals to pick up from. We have a trolley for this purpose if you would like to trolley your goods home.

We will start out ordering a small range of products and hopefully branch out as the co-op finds its feet.

As a member of this particular co-op you will need to commit to:
  • Ordering via email to the co-op admin person (Mel) when the time comes.
  • Pay via direct bank debit before the order is placed, payments will be organised by a co-op finance person (Pascale).
  • Help sort the order if required (via a roster system).
  • Pick up your order or organise someone to do so from the designated house preferably on the day of delivery or within 24 hours.
  • Consider taking on the role of the co-op admin or finances position later down the track.
The following products will be the starting selection, please note that the only products that will be able to ordered in smaller amounts (at this stage) will be the rabbit/guinea pig mix and shell grit. Everything else will come in bulk bags and this should mean that we need only order very 3 months.
The pricelist is below and whilst the prices are current they may change.

Chook grain mix 40kg  - $36.00
Organic pellets 25 kg - $38.50
Rabbit/guinea pig mix 30 kg - $29.60
Shell grit 1kg  - $1.20

Sheep  - $5.50        
Cow - $4.50                                                      
Chicken – organic - 4.50
Mushroom - $4.50                                          
Potting mix  - $5.50                      

Straw Bales:
Sugar cane  - $12.90
Straw -  $11.00
Pea Straw -  $12.00                                      
Lucerne - $16.90
We aim to have our first order done in the next week so that we can have our next one shortly before Xmas.
If you are interested please contact:

Pascale pascalelocal@hotmail.com

Monday, 8 October 2012

Friday Night BBQ's are Back!

Hi Everyone.
Now that daylight savings is upon us, Friday Night BBQ's in the park are back.
Our family is very excited at the prospect of catching up with you lovely folks on Friday evenings!
For the last couple of years we have been having the BBQ's and they are a very lovely way to bring in the weekend.
All you need to bring is your own food/drinks/kids/family. Turn up when you are ready, wander home when you feel the need to.
There is always someone in the park to chat to, quite a few of us live opposite the park and have the gate open for use of the amenities.
There is no real starting time but most of us are there by 6.......
Hope to see you there.
Cheers Mel.
Ps - we meet in Cox Reserve at the free electric BBQ's, corner of Claremont and Elizabeth St. This happens every Friday night until daylight savings ends.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Moulin Beige

Hi Everyone and lovers of something a bit different...

I am starting up a weekly comedy cabaret on Thursday nights at the Burlesque Bar called 'The Moulin Beige.'  This exciting new vaudeville night will play host to world-class variety acts and local comic/circus and cabaret performers delivering their favourite routines, polished or tarnished, for your viewing pleasure! Opening night on Thursday 11th October will feature: absurdist clown Daniel Oldaker, comic accordionist Liz Skitch (that's me!), quirky songstress Anna Anastasia, stand up Mat Burton, burlesque beauty Poppy Cherry, vaudevillian Rod Lara, character comedian Rachel Leary, contortionist Ruby Rubberlegs and more...

Every Thursday from 7pm, Burlesque Bar, 42 Johnston St Fitzroy, $15/ 20, pre-book to receive a complimentary drink on arrival. www.burlesquebar.com.au

Like The Moulin Beige on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themoulinbeige

Bread update

Hi everyone. Baking bread is never without trouble I must say. I thought I had it under control; now the whole meal breads are not turning out nicely. 
If you thought they were a bit dense a.e. brick-like, so do I! I do not know why, the white sourdough loafs behave very differently. 
Anyway; I keep working on it and if I am confident, I'll put them back on the menu. 
The olive baguettes seem to disappear each time I put out a few extra. I keep baking them, and the olive loafs, but I might vary the recipe here and there.
I have made quite a few errors lately with orders; mix-ups, or forgetting to write down a complete order. (sorry Betty!) I will work on that too, ahum.

I bake a few extra breads/baguettes every week and put the on the top shelf with the text "EXTRA"  This is for anyone who wants to buy it. 
(there might be the odd cake soon...)

 every saturday morning after 9 am.
You can pick up your pre-ordered loafs from the white bread cabinet at the start of our drive;
Pay for your order at pick-up,
loafs $5,
olive bread $6,gmail.com
olive baguette $3.50
You can leave the money in the pot inside the bread cabinet.
Regular orders are welcome, just tell me once, and you don't need to repeat the order. 
e-mail Sip at; donkeywoodworks@gmail.com
mobile; 0438175764

Friday, 5 October 2012

Looking for an early morning yoga class

Hi Everyone.
I would like to do some yoga before work on a Thursday so I am looking for an early morning yoga class.
I live in North Coburg and work in Brunswick so preferably would like to go to a class somewhere between home and work.
I don't have a preference for the style of yoga.....
Please let me know if you know of anywhere.
0404 043 010
Cheers Mel.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old fencing

Couldn't I please interest someone in a whole lot of (presumably) untreated old fence? It is out the front of 7 Hopetoun Cres North Coburg. In the driveway, but please help yourself!!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Furniture opportunities

Hi Folks

In my wanderings I have noticed some furniture salvage opportunities in the 'hood...

on the nature strip at 12 Spring St a pine dresser, painted white and in good condition

at the upper carpark at the basketball stadium there are two benches, rather rough but would be suitable for plants or other outdoor uses

cheers, Mez

Looking for someone with long hair

Hi Everyone.
Nic (the wonderful local hairdresser) is looking for a woman with long hair to do some colour work on.
If you are interested she needs someone next Monday in between the hours of 1 and 4.
Give her a call 0407 188 884!

Local Yoga

It's Spring.the birds and singing, the blossom is blossoming and... Newlands Yoga is back for Term 4.

Come along for a lovely local yoga session with Clare On: Tuesday 9 October for an 8 week term. Concluding on 4 December. 

Costs: $80 for an 8 week term or $17 for a casual class. 

Note, on 16 October, Clare won't be able to make it so it will be a stretch and play session for those interested. 

When: Tuesday evenings, 7-8 pm 

Where: Newlands Elderly Citizen's Centre. Corner Connolly Ave and Murray Rd. 

Bring: warm socks, snugly blanket and yoga mat. Give me a call for more details or just turn up on the night.. 

Monique 0405 151269

Books to borrow...

does anyone have a copy of Caleb's Crossing that i could borrow for a few days?
I started reading someone else's copy and now i would love to finish it and there are 14 people ahead of
me in the library reserve queue!
0415 675 585

This has reminded me also...I am looking for a copy of Orlando by Virginia Wolf for book club.
Does anyone have a copy I could borrow for a month?
Cheers Mel.
0404 043 010

Monday, 1 October 2012

More avocados

Hi Folks.
I got some of the last batch and they were the best avocados I have ever eaten! 
Andy even agrees that they were the best avocados I have ever eaten.

Yay - more avocados! Thanks to those who've been munching on avocados so far, there's more where they came from (Andrew Jones in Irymple). There have been some happy avocado eaters around the place e.g. "oh and did I mention how incredible the avos are. The first one I ate, I just couldn't believe how incredible!"

Also available are oranges, which come either from Andrew or from Jan Denham (also in Mildura) and yummy yummy olive oil (available at bulk wholesale prices or in bottles) from Manna Hill Estate

So get your orders in by Tuesday night (2nd Oct) for collection / delivery from Thursday (4th Oct) as described below. and yes they do run out . . 
NB. Packing and transport costs are added on during checkout 

The Bacon avocados are just about finished, so now there's a mix of Fuerte, Arj, Zut and Bacon . . what are all these? I'm not quite sure, but based on the picture below I can assure you that whatever you get, they are SPECIAL and not what you'd be getting in the supermarket! 

How do I get my order . . 
Addresses shown as you check out. Orders will be available for collection at:

Ballantyne (Thornbury) - from 6pm, Thursday 4th October

Plummery (Northcote) - from 6pm, Thursday 4th October

Hsuhan's (Northcote) - from 10am, Saturday 6th October

Local Organics (East Brunswick) - from 5pm, Thursday 4th October

Westwyck (West Brunswick) - from 6pm, Thursday 4th October

Pepper Tree Place (Coburg) - Saturday 6th October - 10am - 12pm (coincides with produce swap)

Murundaka (Heidelberg Heights) - 5 - 7pm, Thursday 4th October

Jess & Katie (South Yarra) - from 4pm, Friday 5th October (or by arrangement)

NB. Delivery is available for cafes and restaurants only - mostly northern suburbs, if you're not sure give me a call - 0425 794 848 . . 

Thoughts and FeedbackAny questions, problems, thoughts and feedback contact me (Kirsten) on email above or 0425 794 848. Website revamp not quite there but expect beautiful things next time!! (we are taking your feedback on board)

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ENTHUSIASM AND PATIENCE! Here's to a world where we all get great food and farmers are well rewarded for the work they do :)

Species diversity in avocados? 
Apparently there are over 70 varieties grown in Australia . . but . .

Variety by proportion of production chart