Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dance Mandala workshop this Sunday


A creative dance workshop to weave vision and intention for yourself and the world you inhabit into a mandala for prayer and reflection for the new year.

Sunday Feb 3 1-4pm $25
Leinster Grove Community Centre THORNBURY
(accessible venue)

Mandala is Sanskrit for Circle. It has spiritual and ritual significance and plays a key role in establishing a sacred space for meditation and trance.

This workshop is open to all. It is non-religious. 

For info and bookings please contact Kat Worth
0412 992 513

www.facebook/Whole Body Dance Movement

Clothes Swap Reminder

Don't forget about the Clothes Swap this Sunday!

We will be swapping from 11.00.

Ben will be cooking gourmet sausages for $4.00 each and don't forget to bring extra cash for cakes.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Help Needed in Preston

Source: Mamabake - posted on facebook, 30th Jan. 

Quote from Mamabake: 
As MamaBakers we help one another when we can. Sometimes we have Mamas who are in great need and we put out requests for help for Mamas in that area to assist. 

Here is a MamaBake SOS for Melbourne MamaBakers (Preston):

"My sister and her husband,Tirion and Dan, had a baby boy on the 7th November. He had a heart attack at birth. He has undergone 2 rounds of ECMO (bypass) the 2nd was open heart. Since then he has gone into cardiac arrest several times.

Every aspect of this little baby works perfectly except for his heart. Doctors are now trying to "regrow" his heart muscle with no known outcome...his condition has never been seen before. Keeping him alive is extremely difficult, he has had several severe lung infections and is fully ventilated. He is having a tracheostomy this week to give him the best shot at growing and will hopefully allow my sister to hold him. She was due to return to her contract with the Victorian opera as a costumier when he was 12 weeks old. Doctors have said if he can pull through this it's at least 18 months to 2 years in the hospital.

Our family has been flying in and out of Melbourne as much as feasibly possible with work and babies and financial commitments. Tirion and Dan have agreed it is time to pack up their house in Melbourne to try eliminate debt and stay afloat. They live at Ronald McDonald house by the hospital as they have had to make emergency trips to his bedside through the night and it's likely that will continue. We need help from anyone that might be willing to volunteer some time over the weekend to help pack their house into boxes and move to a storage unit. The house is in Preston, Melbourne. We are thinking the weekend of 8th and 9th feb will be when we need to do it as they have given notice to the real estate. People can contact me on 0410630585 or to discuss how they can help...any help will be appreciated so greatly. 

Submissions due Thursday! More on Amendment C123

Hi all

Further to Kitty/Christian's messages the other day about the proposed developments in Coburg - here's the Facebook page that's been set up about it if you want to be kept in the loop:

If you want to join the Save Coburg google group, email

For what it's worth, my first impressions have been that the development may bring quite a lot of positive change to the Coburg shopping precinct, including renewal of a run down area (new school, restaurants, cinema, health facility etc) and a green focus, with a commitment to being an 'exemplar eco city' (maybe this is spin but 'The Colours of Coburg' document seems to reflect a number of great priorities:

But as has been said, there are a few concerning elements to this proposed development. I'm an enviro lawyer by trade, and had a bit of a look at the documents over the weekend. My biggest concerns are:

  • this planning scheme amendment will take away your right to appeal to VCAT against permit applications that may affect your property, or your use and enjoyment of the central Coburg shopping and civic area. If this concerns you, you should tell the Council that they should not exempt ALL applications within the area from VCAT appeals. Your Council should still allow VCAT appeals about some developments, like applications for permits for high buildings of over (say) 6 storeys or buildings that are next to residential areas. 

  • In all areas next to homes and residences, there should be a maximum of 5 storeys, with a stepped approach. The planning scheme amendment will allow 10 storey buildings very close to houses in some areas - such as north of Bell St, in what the scheme calls Precinct 2. Tell the Council that you think there should not be 10 storey buildings next to residential areas (or at all!). 

I believe that Sue Bolton, Councillor for Moreland, is applying for an exatension to the due date for submissions, as well as further community consultation from Council. But in the mean time, tomorrow's deadline still stands - so get a quick submission off before 5pm Thursday!



PS I'll be making a submission which deals with some of the legal stuff. Send me an email if you'd like me to pass it on.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Free Counselling Session

Hi all,

I'm a current student graduating in a diploma of Transpersonal Counseling at Phoenix Institute. Part of my course requirement is to provide counseling sessions in order to gain further experience. The sessions will be free and completely confidential and professional in nature. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you feel you would like to work through a present issue or gain some clarity and understanding.

Best wishes,
Lucia Bitonti
M:0413 390 756

Free Printer Cartridges!


Hi Folks.
Somehow the printer cartridges ended up on our deck table......
We went away over the weekend and thought that popping them in our letterbox was a good idea.
Not so!
So if anyone has any of the following printers:

Canon BJC-2000/4304/4650/410J/4100/4200
PHOTO 4400/C500/5500/455J/5000
MultiPASS C20/C70/C75/C80
Apple Colour Style Writer 2400/2500
Canon S200/S200x/S200spx/S300/S330
Photo i250/i255/i320/i350/i355/i450/i450x/i455/i470d/i475D/Xnui320
PIXMA iP1000/iP1500
SmartBase MP360/MP370

We have cartridges that will fit.
Brand new, in the box!

We have 5 colour cartridges and 8 black cartridges.
They are from Wholesale Toners Australia.
Please send Mel a text or give her a call if you are interested 0404 043 010.
Cheers Mel and Andy.

BBQ in Cox Reserve Out of Action Friday Feb 8


Hi Everyone.

Alli Coster at Moreland City Council just emailed me with the following:

I have just received info from Jemena - the BBQ at Cox Reserve will not have power on Friday 8 Feb from 8:30am – 4:00pm.

Cheers Mel.

Monday, 28 January 2013

URGENT: Stop Amendment C123


Hi all thought the Newland network would like to know how they can stop 10
story buildings in Coburg with no right for public submissions.... passing
on an email sent around another list..Kitty

> Fellow Coburgians,
> I write to you today with outrage in my heart, fire in my belly and whisky
stains on my trousers.
> I have recently become aware of the proposed change to the Moreland
Planning Scheme, amendment C123, to facilitate the 'Coburg Activity Centre
Zone' (a snappy rebranding of 'Coburg 2020'. I wish I got paid to combine
random words like that). This insidious piece of statute introduces
mandatory height limits within the zone, but takes away residents rights to
object to development within the height limits. Does not sound too bad until
you see the limits: 10 stories in central Coburg (around the station, shops
and oval), 10 stories on each side of Bell St, and 5 stories each side of
Sydney Road down to Moreland Road.
> You can see the details of the plan on the Council website, but be warned
there are 27 documents with a combined total of about 15,760 pages.
> mendments/amendment-c123-coburg-activity-centre-zone.html
> The most informative is:
> clause%2037.08-1%20coburg%20principal%20activity%20centre%20zone%20-%2
> 0%20-%20exhibition%20version.docx which contains precinct maps with 
> height limits. 
> Speaking as somebody who lives next door to a bunch of run-down barber and
kebab shops that could sprout into 5 storey vertical ghettoes at any moment
and forever cast us into the twighlight - It must be stopped!!
> For the community at large, the plan for central Coburg is pretty
alarming. Lots of 8 and 10 story towers, narrow roads and one tiny, token,
postage stamp of green space. Because the residents wont be able to object
to any specific development in this area we can rely on the Council and
developers to make inspired and far-sighted planning decisions for the
greater good. Might be cool if they made it look like Paris. But you know
that won't happen; it will actually look just like.....Docklands (but
without the expensive boats). Maybe a mall too, like Highpoint?
> As this grotty amendment has been exhibited over the Christmas period very
few people seem to know about it. So 'what can we do?' I hear you scream.
Well, until 5:00pm on the 31st Jan you can make a submission to Council and
tell them how much you love it, or not, at:
> the 31st is Thursday this week people.
> If your like really fired up to do something but, you know, like haven't
got time to actually read or write anything, do not despair! Simply cut and
paste my text below into the submission and put your feet up with the
satisfied feeing of a job well done. They may have read it before but
basically its the number of submissions that count.
> If your like really fired up to do something and have a whole lotta spare
time and no hobbies, then there are a few more things you can do: hassle
councillors, state members, turn up to the council meeting on the 13th Feb,
join the 'Save Coburg' residents group, drop leaflets in letterboxes or drop
bricks on developers. Anyway, we'll take this discussion offline before
anyone breaks into an unnecessary sweat.
> That's all, I need to go and have a lie down now. Example submission text
> Please pass onto anyone else you think might be interested, or just
suggestible enough to do it because all the cool kids are.
> Christian
> "
> I support increasing the density of development in Coburg, however the
CACZ proposal goes to far and risks damaging the character and amenity of
the suburb we have chosen to live in. I am strongly opposed to the C123
amendment because:
> 1. The height limits are too high for blocks adjoining 1 and 2 story
residential areas. There should be a 'step up', eg 3 stories, then 5, then
7. This is particularly the case on Sydney Road and Bell Street where very
tall towers can be built next to existing single story residence creating
problems of over shadowing and over looking.
> 2. There is not enough green space in the central activity zone. If all
those towers were built without incorporating more green space it would be a
very depressing place to live or work (like the Docklands).
> 3. Residents and others affected by a development should have the right to
object. It is only when there is a system of checks and balances and a forum
for everyone to have a say that we get good development outcomes.
> "

Friday, 25 January 2013

Free Printer Cartidges

Hi Everyone.
We have a bunch of printer cartridges that we no longer need and would love to give them to someone that can use them.
We have 5 colour cartridges and 8 black cartridges.
They are from Wholesale Toners Australia and fit the following printers:
Canon BJC-2000/4304/4650/410J/4100/4200
PHOTO 4400/C500/5500/455J/5000
MultiPASS C20/C70/C75/C80
Apple Colour Style Writer 2400/2500
Canon S200/S200x/S200spx/S300/S330
Photo i250/i255/i320/i350/i355/i450/i450x/i455/i470d/i475D/Xnui320
PIXMA iP1000/iP1500
SmartBase MP360/MP370
We will put them in our letterbox so you can pick them up if you are interested. Take a few or take them all!
We will make sure they are weather proof and will wrap them in lots of plastic bags.
Please come and grab them if you are interested 29 Peterson Ave North Coburg.
Cheers Mel and Andy.

Save the Reef

Dear All, I am forwarding this at the request of GetUp because I went to the Great Barrier Reef last year and was shocked to find that not only is it deteriorating but the locals don't seem to think there is a problem. So it looks like it needs to be tourists and conservationists who will need to draw attention to the damage that is being done to the reef by run off from sugar plantations and appalling developments like Coal Seam Gas that GetUp is trying to address.

Next week a petition signed by over 100,000 GetUp members calling for urgent action to protect the Great Barrier Reef from proposals by the coal and gas industry will be delivered to Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke. Add your name now and join other GetUp members who have started a national outcry for action to protect a global treasure:

Dear Friends,

"Extreme concern" was how UNESCO reacted last year when they saw the damage being caused to the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area by the construction of coal seam gas (CSG) processing facilities and proposals for massive new coal ports right along the coast. Since then things have gone from bad to worse, with more projects being pushed forward in the area. We have little time to act before next week's fast approaching deadline.

At last year's World Heritage Committee meeting in Russia, the Government was given a deadline of 1 February 2013 to report back on what progress had been made to save the Reef. Soon, the Committee will decide whether or not to add the Great Barrier Reef to the list of World Heritage Sites which are under serious threat. If that was to occur, not only would it mean we're on track to lose our greatest natural wonder, but that the 60,000 jobs it supports could be lost too.

UNESCO can't impose sanctions or force the Australian Government to act. Only we, the Australian community, have the power to make the Government act.

Next week, ahead of the reporting deadline, we will meet with the Federal Environment Minister and hand him a petition featuring the names of those Australians who are fed up with the government's inaction on the Great Barrier Reef. Amazingly, 103,471 people have already signed the petition. Please join them now so we can create a national outcry that can't be ignored:

Over 30 years ago the Great Barrier Reef was protected from mining. Then Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen wanted to drill the Reef for oil and gas. The community, scientists and conservationists wouldn't stand for it and called on the Federal Government to intervene. We won then, and we can do it again now, as the Reef is under a similar but greater threat than ever - yet the solution is the same, community action. Please add you name to the petition now.

the GetUp team.

And Jo

Thursday, 24 January 2013



Hi, I remember that someone wanted help learning about bees recently... well on sharehood there is someone near the corner of Murray Rd and Elizabeth St who is offering information about bee keeping.
You will have to join to see the information but hone in on the map of our part of the world and you'll find it.
Cheers Zoe

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Free Entertainment Unit


Hi Everyone.
The entertainment unit is still looking for a new home.
If you are interested Mim has roped Andy into dropping it off to it's new home! He has a ute and is very good at moving things.
Taller back section as shown in pictures, sits on top of cupboard/ drawers section and clips on.
Has an attractive fluoro light in between glass cupboard in top section. 
Great for storage or books/display/kitchen/whatever.
Phone Mim: 0408101678

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Clothes Swap!


To raise money for the upcoming Ride to Pool celebration we are having a 

Pool Themed Clothes Swap

Put your beach gear on, dress the kids in their bathers and come along on 

Sunday February 3 from 11.00 in Cox Reserve. 

Corner of Elizabeth and Claremont St North Coburg.

There will be the usual cake stall (please bring a cake to donate if you can) plus a special kids water activity (weather permitting).

You will be able to buy Coburg Pool T-shirts and an extra special homemade treat or two.

The usual clothes swap regime will also happen.

Bring along anything (not just clothes) that you no longer need or want 

and swap it for a bunch of other stuff.

$5.00 per family to join and all proceeds go to pay local performers at the 

Ride to Pool celebration at Coburg Outdoor Olympic Pool on 17.02.13 .

We will be swapping from 11-12 and from 12-1 we will be hosting the kids water activity.

Let's hope the sun in shining!

Get dirty at the West Brunswick Community Garden


Let's face it, lot's of us are just itching to get along to a community garden to do a bit of digging over the Australia Day weekend.

If this sounds like you, don't be embarrassed, embrace it. Get your pen out (or get on your phone) and mark your calendar - the next West Brunswick Community Garden Garden & Gather is on Sunday 27th January from 9am.

Don't worry if you can't get out of bed for 9am, we know that's a big ask, just turn up when you can. At the Big Dig in November, we managed to get 27 people down there. We got heaps done and made a huge step forward in building our new garden. We want to top that in January.

Now, the best part! At 1pm we'll all stop for a celebration lunch in appreciation of everyone's hard work over the last few months. It'll be a great chance to come along and meet everyone if you haven't been down yet.

If you can't make the working bee, come for lunch and have a look at what we've been up to. If you've been following our exploits from afar, come and say hello, we're a pretty friendly bunch (but not in a clingy way). Bring your friends and family, kids welcome. The more the merrier!

Bring along some food to share and a bottle (or a few) and we'll sit down under the trees and share a laugh and relax a bit, look at what we've done and imagine what it'll be like when it's all finished
It's going to be a beautiful day weather-wise (we hope) and we don't want your fond memories spoiled by a bad case of sunburn so bring suncream, a hat and some water
Gloves are a super hero suit for your hands, they help you do things you didn't think were possible, bring some along.
Digging in the dirt with your fingers is fun (even when your 42 years old!) it's easier and you can do it for longer if you use a trowel or a fork, bring these along if you have them
On the day, check the Moreland Community Gardening website for any change of plans (too hot, too wet, snow etc.)

More info: email or check our website.

See you then!

(Whether you're coming or not, we'd love it if you would pass this on to as many people as you can. The West Brunswick Community Garden will be awesome and we want lots of people to know about it.)

Ps - if anyone is driving Pascale is looking for a lift, please give her a call on 0437 240 956

Room Available for Rent


Looking for short term/temporary house mate.

Visiting artist or perhaps for someone while they are looking for permanent accommodation.

In Collins St Thornbury Opposite Pender Park.

Phone Kat 0412 992 513

Monday, 21 January 2013

Yoga Retreat


Free Stuff!

Hello Newlands community and happy new year,

We are engaged in a major reorganisation of our house and we have stuff looking for a new home.

If you are interested in any of these things can you email me at

We'll be looking at moving it on one way or another (op shop/tip shop etc) within a couple of weeks.

Red three seater couch
Very wide, incredibly comfortable. So comfortable in fact that while it was at our holiday house some unidentified animal nested in it, so there is a hole in the base that is not visible when all the cushions are on the couch.

Double/queen bed base
I always thought it was a queen, but now I'm not sure. Includes head stand, foot stand and wooden base.

Glass top outdoor table
Completely intact. No chairs included (they were too weathered and went to the tip).

TV stand

Small white dresser

Free standing three panelled screen - as in room divider, not electronic

DVD player

Set top box

Beanbag - has a hole in it that we've had covered with electrical tape for years and never lost a bean.

And finally, there is a mini fridge - as in the size of a mini bar. This is the only item we're not giving away and ask instead for some kind of token exchange of a slab of summer beverages or somesuch.

House Sitting


Going away in 2013? Need pets or plants looked after?

My parents in law, based in Adelaide, would love to look after your home while you're away (and spend time with their grandchildren at our house during the day!).

Let me know if you need a house sitter any time this year. 3-7 days would be ideal, but shorter and longer also possible. They are super relaxed and lovely, and have quite a lot of flexibility as to when they come.

(And, if you want to stay in Adelaide, you may even be able to arrange a direct house swap with them...)


0422 779 840

Friday, 18 January 2013

Returned to Coburg!


Hi all,

My family and I have recently returned to Coburg after 6 years away! We are looking forward to being back and great to find out about newlandnews.

I am wondering if people in the area have any informal / or formal playgroups that we could be part of – I have a 2 ½ and a 4 ½ year old. I am figuring our 4 year old will make new friends at Kinder! – so I am particularly interested in playmates for my 2 year old – who has spent much of his life with bigger kids and it would be nice if he could have some friends his own age!

I also wonder if anyone with young kids is interested in meeting at the playground with the rope pyramid behind the small shops on the corner of Elizabeth street and murray rd. – Say after 11 on a Tuesday or later in the afternoon at 3?

Looking forward to meeting some of you and for my little boy to make some new friends! – Hopefully catch up with some of you in Feb!


Coburg Meeting

Sue Bolton is one of our new councillors - a Moreland Councilor of the North East ward.
She is hardworking and has hastily called a public meeting for next Thursday in Coburg to let you all know about the future plans for the planning of the Centre of Coburg.

Residents Meeting
Stop over-development horror in Coburg
Do you want 10-storey buildings around the Coburg shops?
Do you want 10-storey buildings to back onto residential properties?
Do you want to lose your right to object to high rise buildings around
the Coburg shops?
Do you want the Coburg shops to become a concrete jungle like a
The Moreland Council has been discussing plans to develop the Coburg shops as a
principle activity centre — like a mini CBD with 6-storey, 8-storey and 10-storey
buildings — a concrete jungle.
There are planning amendments on display at the Coburg Town Hall and on the
council website. Residents have only until Thursday January 31 to make a public
submission on these amendments. There is a structure plan for 10-storey buildings along both sides of Bell Street from Sydney Road to a block west of the railway line, creating a tunnel effect.
Residents also discovered that if the council adopts the planning amendment they
would lose their right to object to development applications in the Coburg shopping
centre and along Syndey Road. 
This is totally undemocratic.
Residents want the time for public submissions to be extended because many residents
don’t know what is being planned for their suburb.
The developers shouldn’t be deciding how to develop our suburb. Residents should
be the ones who decide what sort of developments are right for our suburb.
Find out more and voice your opinion.
Come to the residents meeting.
Thursday, January 24, 6.30pm
Anglican Parish Hall, 520 Sydney Road, Coburg
(beside bluestone church, 1 minute walk north of Bell St)
Meeting initiated by Councillor Sue Bolton, at the request of local residents.
For information, or if you can’t attend, phone 0417 583 664.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Two Free Chooks

Hello Everyone.
I was speaking with Vass today at Barry Beckett and she needs to give away two of her chickens.
She thinks they are Isa Browns.
If you are interested please give Nick a call on 0431 721 042.
Vass can bring the chooks to Barry beckett to be picked up.



We pride ourselves on having a community feel and a welcoming training environment. 
All trainers are University qualified and experienced. 
The sessions are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. 
We have helped people acheive various goals including weight loss, fitness, health improvement, injury rehabilitation, sports performance and many others. 

Services include:
Group Exercise
Personal Training
Diet Plans
Sports Performance

Corner of Murray Road & Elizabeth Street, Coburg North.

Check out our website
Contact: Heath Maplestone
03) 9354 5373.
Like our Facebook page:
Follow us on Twitter: OutcomesFitness.
Search us on YouTube:
Heath Maplestone
Managing Director
Outcomes Fitness
p. 0400 244 329




Does anyone have any old newspapers or cardboard they would like to be rid of? 

I’m after some for my garden (to go under mulch) and I’m happy to pick it up. 

Cheers Zoƫ

Monday, 14 January 2013

Cancel Your yellow Pages Subscription!


Hi Folks.
Thought I would share this one........

This year, go from yellow to green by cancelling the delivery of the Yellow Pages to your address. It can be done in a few simple steps online here:

Or you can call on 1800 008 292.

Looking for Somewhere to Stay in April


Hello Everyone.
I am looking for a place for my parents to stay/rent over the month of April (2013).
My parents are in their seventies and they are coming from the UK. They are both active, non-smoking, pet loving, garden watering, friendly types and would be excellent house and pet sitters.
If anyone is planning a trip and needs house sitters or to sublet at any time around April or late March please contact me.
Amelia 0422 083 739
Many thanks!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Piano Teacher?

Can anyone recommend a local piano teacher for a beginner?
Preferably in Coburg North area or northern suburbs.
Jody - 0422 166 132


Saturday, 12 January 2013



Good morning news broadcasters, does anyone know why there was a blackout about 11 PM last night? The preceding crash/crackle/bang/whump (depending on your point of view) was a bit ominous ... or was this 'secondary elaboration' cos it woke me up!
Hope you have a post on this ...

Good Morning Jo. 
There were quite a few of us in the park last night and we saw a very big flash and assumed it was lightening but if it was related to the blackout then I agree, very ominous.

Coburg Outdoor Olympic Pool in The Age.


Check out our pool in The Age!

Friday, 11 January 2013

windows and duplo for free

We have some windows and duplo to give away. Email or phone Gerard on 0412345830

The windows are from Newlands Primary School and would be great for lots of uses. They would be great in a greenhouse or studio.

We also have some big lego/duplo to give away as our daughter no longer plays with it. There is a big box with basic pieces, animals, people and railway track with trains and carriages. Hours and hours of fun.
Getting rid of the duplo. Sniff. But small house, new toys etc. Some other kid will love it. .

Email or phone Gerard on 0412345830

Thursday, 10 January 2013



Just wondering if any one has an over abundance of apricots I could come and pick some of, we can pick some for you too. I would like to make jam, bought apricots just don't have any flavour.

Contact Elspeth elb.cultivate(at) or 0438 440942

Thanks in anticipation!

Help Needed


Hi everyone,

A dear friend of mine and her three lovely young children, who've had a somewhat troublesome Christmas period, is now in urgent need of a handy gardener type of person who can come and mow, trim, and do general garden maintenance at her West Preston house. If anyone can help, she would be extremely grateful. Ideally the work would have to be done this weekend (thankfully it's not going to be a hot one!)

Please contact me in the first instance and I will pass on relevant details: 0407046422, or reply to this fab post.

Thanks heaps!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

FREE- 70's entertainment unit/cabinet/hall stand

Taller back section as shown in pictures, sits on top of cupboard/ drawers section and clips on.
Has an attractive fluoro light in between glass cupboard in top section. Great for storage or books/display/kitchen/whatever.
Pick up from Reservoir, off Newlands road.