Monday, 31 March 2014

Post Update

Hi All.

I just wanted to confirm I'm trying to sell my three wheeler to buy a two wheeler worth approximately $1500.00 and that the correct link to my gumtree ad is here:

Cheers Asa.


Hi Everyone,

We have a desk we no longer need. A varnished pine desk with 3 drawers either side. It is in good condition. It has wear to the top and a scrape across the bottom drawers from an office chair. One of the drawers needs fixing too.
Approximate measurements: W:1400 H:750 D:620 cm

It does not come apart, so will need to have big enough vehicle to fit it/on.

Cheers, Kirsty.

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Does anyone have landline phone handset that no longer need it? 
I'm happy to take it to a new home :-)
Thanks in advance.
Mutia 0430872829.

For Rent


For rent: 24 Livingstone St

Comfortable family home with large garden including fruit trees, grape vine, water tank and garden beds for veggies. Decks at front and back open onto the garden. Solar panels, good insulation, gas heating/water to keep the electricity bills low.

Rent $435 per week.
·             three large bedrooms (2 with built in robes) and a study/small 4th bedroom.
·             modern kitchen with double oven and new dishwasher.
·             modern bathroom with bath and shower.
·             separate laundry and toilet.
·             large carport and workshop/shed.
·             pets considered.
·             wonderful neighbourhood, close to Edgars Creek and Gilbert Rd tram.

Available from April 28th. If interested email Megan or Stuart ( for further details or to arrange to have a look.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Looking for a real estate agent and big cardboard boxes

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on a good real estate agent to sell our home in Coburg. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Please call Robin on 042230895

Also we are moving soon and need boxes to pack our stuff - if you have recently moved and need to off load your boxes- pls call Robin on 0422308954 thanks heaps xxUntitled-2

Friday, 28 March 2014

Practically New Anura Recumbent Bike for Sale!


Dear Newlands Blog, 

Following my stroke now 2 years ago I was desperate to get mobile again, and to this end jumped through quite a few hoops (mostly financial) to get a 3 wheel bike to ride to work and back. In January I found out that I could actually ride a 2 wheel bike which I am now working hard to purchase by selling the 3 wheeler! I have had the three wheeler on Gumtree since January at a heavily discounted price but unfortunately haven't sold it. The 2 wheel mountain hybrid I'm after  with a special collapsable seat will be at least $15,000, so I really need to sell my recumbent to buy it. If you can spread the word by shifting my gumtree ad here to the Newlands Blog I'd be extremely grateful. 


Asa Letourneau.

Stay Informed


This is a worry:

Suspicious Behaviour


Hi everyone, just thought I'd mention seeing someone acting suspiciously in Elizabeth St Coburg near the corner of Meadow St on the 28th March about 9am. He was pretending to drop something in people's gateways and looking in their letterbox while seeming to pick it up. He drove down the street did a U turn and came back to park in the same place and did it all again. There was someone at the bus stop who seemed to know him, who did not catch the bus when it came.

I reported this to the police with the car reg no.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Roofing Plumber?

Anyone know a good roof plumber? 
Need one before winter. 
If you do, please let me know on 0403 015 459 or put in comments for everyone. 

Promote your local business!

Do you have a local business or service to promote?
Newlands News would love to hear from you and include your business our the local business directory. There aren't many businesses there yet but it would be great to grow this section of Newlands News.

If you would like to be included there, please send a few words, links to your website and/or Facebook page, and your preferred contact details to Let me know which category you'd like to be placed under and if there isn't a category for you - I will make a new one. I'll also place a link to your business in the sidebar of the Newlands News site.

Another way you can promote your business is to send and email to and let the community know what's going on with your business. Particularly useful if you have a sale, a special offer or just need to remind people that you're here. It's really good if you can provide a jpeg image as an attachment - this will make your story look a lot better when it appears in the Newlands News Facebook stream.

ECO Home & Body Survey 2014

ECO Home & Body sells hand-selected green products that provide alternatives to everyday products. I am currently reviewing what is important to customers and would love your input! Please complete these 7 quick questions on Survey Monkey (click the link). Thanks a million! Emma X



Just letting people know there was a burglary at 14 Ballard ave, Coburg north on Wednesday 25th March between 1.30pm and 4.30pm. The burglars were very persistent, attempting to enter from at least 4 different entry points.  
If you saw anything or anyone suspicious during that time please contact crime stoppers 1800 333 000.  

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

For Sale


Yamaha Keyboard P-85 
Slim affordable Digital Piano with: 

- Dynamic, High quality sound 
- Natural feel weighted keys 
- High quality built-in speaker system 
- 1-track song recorder 
- Stand and pedal also included 

Great for compact living arrangements or people who move around, can also be played with headphones.

Contact Isobel 0400965565.

Music Theatre Boot Camp


Our Easter program is filling now.

Hi Gang, our program for the Easter holidays is taking bookings now so be sure to confirm your place as quickly as you can so you don't miss out.

Here's a little bit about us.

Music Theatre Boot Camp is the fun and inclusive school holiday program which explores the skills of music theatre. 

The program days run 9.30am til 3pm Monday to Friday and are designed for primary aged students interested in music, drama, dance and overall performance. We tap into the children’s creative spirit and awaken them to their own enjoyment of the music theatre artform. Everyone plays a part in the scene that is performed on Friday at 2.30.

Get cracking with your booking and we look forward to seeing you an a couple of weeks.

For more information visit our websiteemail us or call us on 9078 3676.

See you soon,

Sam, Judi and John.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Looking for a Steiner Au Pair


Hello networks, 

So the story goes, it's a single mother of 3 called Deviani and she lives at a place called Karuna Farm is in need of an au pair for 6 months to home school her 3 amazing children, ages 10, 8 and 5 (ish).  The kids have always been homeschooled as the schools are pretty far from where she lives and not that great but it's getting to the point where a real teacher would be appreciated.
Deviani is offering a house to live in with a small kitchen and bathroom attached, 10,000RS a month which is a liveable Indian wage, and there are numerous activities on Karuna farm for a partner to get involved in including permaculture gardening, natural building, yoga teaching etc so it would suit a couple.  The site is pretty awesome and definitely a place you could easily spend 6 months in if you're happy to be up in the hills.  There's a fair few families up there and constant traffic of guests and workshop participants so its never really empty but it'd definitely suit someone happy to be away from it all for a while.

Any expressions of interest can please be sent to me and Ill forward them on, I said Id put it out to my networks when I got home and see what turned up.. any ideas for places to advertise this would also be appreciated

Rachel Goldlust

Town Planner
Environmental Educator
Sustainable Design Solutions
Graduate Earthship Biotecture Academy



My name is Roz Campbell, a Melbourne designer and social entrepreneur.
I have just launched my social enterprise Tsuno, which will sell disposable, sustainable, socially conscious bamboo fibre sanitary pads, to women in Australia, and donate 50% of profits to charities working in international women's development.
I have spent 12 months designing, researching, planning, sourcing and organising logistics to get this business ready, and now it is! I have decided the best way to launch is via Australian crowd funding platform Pozible ( I am aiming to raise $40 000 to cover the costs of manufacturing, shipping and distribution for the first bulk order. It's a large sum, but I'm confident that the women of Australia will embrace this product and I'll have a strong customer base from word go. (It's only 2000 women pre-ordering $20 worth of pads when I break it down!).
I have made a short video I will share with you which tells the story
I have the International Women's Development Agency ( on board as the first charity to receive donations once the business is generating profit.
I have written today because although the campaign is going well, I need to spread the word as far as possible to ensure it will be successful.
Kind Regards,
Roz Campbell

Accommodation Required


Hello my name is Jessica and I am 22 years old. I'm studying Inclusive Education in Germany and I would like to do an internship in Melbourne. I'm going to do my internship in a kindergarten in Coburg from the 1st of September till the 3rd of December.
I need a accommodation around the 15th of August till the 15th of December because I also would like to have some free time in Melbourne.
If anyone has an idea or if anyone can help me, would be great.
 Regards Jessica.

Sunday, 23 March 2014



The time has come…we are very excited to FINALLY offer to the public our certified organic, pasture-raised, Black Angus beef to the public.
We will only be offering this once a year…so make sure you don’t miss out! Clear your freezers people – make room! There is no minimum order.
For those that don’t know their way around a cow…see below for a visual of beef cuts…
Beef cuts map:
Before we talk prices, we’d like to share our philosophy.  We believe in small farms and we believe in organic farming. We don’t listen to people when they say, “It won’t work, you’ll go broke, you can’t compete with the big guys, it is just too much hard slog”. It does work, and we are proof that it is working. The very fact that you are reading this and contemplating buying from us is proof that it is working.  Organic agriculture is vital to the health of the community and the planet. You know this. Insofar as this is true, buying direct from the farmer is vital to the health of agriculture and to small farms. Simple. So…when we set our prices, we look at what you would be asked to pay if you walked through the sliding doors at the supermarket – the big two. The duopoly.  Then we attempt to, and more than often do, match this price. Everyone has a choice between conventional and organic and between supermarkets and direct from producer…we don’t want price to stand in the way of you making this important choice. We’ll make money, we’ll be alright. So if the price were the same, why wouldn’t you buy organic? ‘Nuff philosophy, more meat talk…
 Cuts and Prices:
Shin: boneless (gravy meat): $14/kg; Osso Bucco: $12/kg
Silverside/Topside: Topside roast: $13/kg; Steak: $15/kg
                                    Silverside roast: $10/kg; steak: $12/kg
Knuckle: Round steak: $15/kg; Minute steak: $14/kg
Rump: Roast: $20/kg; Steak: $24/kg
Tenderloin: Eye Fillet centre: $39/kg; Fillet Steak: $41/kg
Skirt: Diced: $9/kg
Striploin: Porterhouse: $27/kg
New York: $29/kg
                  Roast: $20/kg
                    T-Bone: $22/kg
Cube Roll: Rib Eye Roast: $30/kg
                     Rib Roast: $20/kg
                    Cutlets: $24/kg
                    Scotch Fillet: $34/kg
Blade/Chuck: Oyster Steak: $13/kg
                           Chuck Steak: $10/kg
                          Minute Steak: $13/kg
                          Blade Roast: $11/kg
Brisket: Rolled: $35/kg
Other: Standard Mince: $10/kg
             Premium Mince: $20/kg
             Standard Sausages: $10/kg
              Premium sausages: $20/kg
              Bones: $4.50/kg
              Offal: $5/kg
              Spare Ribs: $13/kg
 Bulk buys:
A whole steer: $17/kg – call to discuss – butchered to your preferences
A half steer: $18/kg – call to discuss – butchered to your preferences
Note: Standard mince and sausages will be made from trim and premium sausages and mince will be made from premium cuts not sold. BOTH varieties will be a plain beef sausage and both will be gluten-free and preservative-free.
We will be unable to provide you with an exact cost of your order until the morning of pickup, as we will not know the weight of your order until we pick it up from the butcher. We will not require any payment until this time.
Pickup locations are Foster, South Gippsland and North Coburg – you will need to be willing to pick up from either of these locations on a TBA Saturday morning/afternoon in one to two months (it is not us, it is the calves that dictate this!). We will see where the majority of you are who have ordered and we may be able to organise another drop-off point, but we are unsure at this point.
An aside: There are a few people who have pre-ordered lamb…you will need to consider how much room you will have in your freezer…at present, we are unsure of the exact date the lambs will be ready…this is farming, particularly  when the animals are exclusively pasture-fed…
Comment below, PM us, or call me (Sally: 0404 490 035; Colin: 0414 912 137) to order/talk.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Capoeira in Newlands? You Decide


The kids instructor will do classes for us in Newlands if we have 8 kids to attend. I really like this school. It is not the closest but I like the Vibe of the club and instructors.
Here are two videos on the school website. Second video is the one with kids

This is a wonderful way to engage children in learning music and being active in their bodies while learning respect for others.

Music, rhythm, strength, Ethics and Playfulness. Great combination, worth checking out. The Kids instructor is great and brings out their best.

Give me a call or text if your interested.

In the meantime come and watch a class at :- 301 high St, Prahran.
If you want, your welcome to come with me (and my son who is 5) to a class. I am happy to offer the lift. It is a small car so numbers are limited. J  0438014803

Saturday 11am till 11:45 for 4-8year olds.

The classes are in the Hall under the Prahran RSL on High St.

This would be great in Newlands

Richard 0438014803

Friday, 21 March 2014



Singer sewing machine ..
Needs overhaul but a very beautiful piece of furniture ..
60cm wide (shut) 120cm (open) 42cm deep, 82cm high 

Free...text/call JODY 0466 599 686

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Snakehandler this Saturday


Hi All,

A quick reminder that a Snakehandler will be presenting a reptile awareness session this Saturday.
Hope to see you there and bring the kids, they’ll love it!
Weather forecast is favourable – clear and 20 degrees.
Saturday 22 March 2014, 10-12pm
“Walk and Talk” – Snakehandler reptile awareness session (see
Hosted by Friends of Edgars Creek, Funded by Melbourne Water Community Grant (MWCG) and FoEC
Meet at the Ronald Street footbridge, North Coburg
Access the site via Ronald Street (Melways Map 18 A9)
Phone David on 0428 130 268 or email for more information.


Elephant Poo

Hi Everyone.
Just a friendly reminder that we will have loads and loads of elephant poo going cheap at Newlands Primary this Saturday from 10.30-11.30.
Spread the word, it's going to be awesome!!!



The Details:
Coburg will come to life this Earth Hour with PepperTree Place’s ‘Sunplugged’- a music and arts festival which celebrates sustainable living, food production and technology in Melbourne’s northern suburbs.
Supported by Moreland City Council’s Celebrating Place Community Grant, this inaugural event will feature live music performances, food production talks, a sustainable technology hub, an interactive art installation and organic food stalls selling zero-food-mile delicacies.
Local musicians will include the likes of acclaimed singer songwriter Liz Stringer, indie-pop specialist Nebraskatak, The Black Harrys, musical duo A Winter Flock of Minors and the all-girl Ladyfinger DJ Collective.
Location: PepperTree Place Community Garden 512 Sydney Road Coburg Vic 3058
Date: Saturday 29th March
Time: 4pm – 9.30pm (Earth Hour – from 8ish -9.30pm)
Cost: FREE
Help keep Sunplugged off the grid by putting your energy in motion with the Magnificent Revolution pedal powered cinema. Explore the plight of the Great Barrier Reef with a special screening of Earth Hour documentary - Lights out for the Reef from 8:30pm.
In the lead up to Sunplugged, make sure you stop by the junction of Sydney Road and Bell Street for the Cornercopia project. Supported by the Coburg Initiative, Cornercopia will be open from the 24th through to the 29th March. Get your hands dirty and help grow this interactive art park.
Kildonan CEO Stella Avramopoulos says, ‘Sunplugged is a truly unique event which we hope will inspire the community to connect with their neighbors while indulging in the music, art and delicious home grown food PepperTree Place has to offer – and perhaps feel inspired to start making sustainable changes at home.’
Run by Kildonan UnitingCare, PepperTree Place is a tranquil and quirky community garden hidden in the heart of busy Coburg. This creatively designed community space boasts a productive kitchen garden, inviting edible classroom, affordable community plant nursery and a pop-up café co-op, all framed by an historic bluestone church and stables.
Sunplugged is an alcohol and drug free event.
Sunplugged needs volunteers:
HI there friends and colleagues,
I am putting out the call far and wide for assistance at this upcoming event – we have lots of volunteer tasks to fulfil at this fantastic inaugural event on Saturday, 29th March form 4pm. 

Vollie tasks include:
·         Setting up for the day - signage; waste management; tables and chairs; umbrellas etc
·         Graphic design/sign writers – we need signage chalked up for us on our many blackboards – come through the week and see Ross or Tash
·         Cornercopia - the ever evolving sculpture art park being created on PepperTree’s door step at the Bell St/Sydney Rd gate entrance in the garden. Creation starts from Tues 25th.
·         Food and Hospitality – BBQ cooks; taking orders and serving food; preparing food; handling money; collecting dishes/bussing; cleaning
·         Drinks staff – supporting mocktail bar and off grid drinks
·         Event monitors – general waste management/toilets and hand basin areas
·         Gate entry – giving information, site orientation etc
·         First Aiders – hopefully we won’t require any service here but they have to be onsite just in case!
·         Green Room staff – security and management
·         Workshop/Presentation assistance – coordination; support; welcoming workshop/presenters on site
·         Pedal Powered cinema – requires constant flow of bike riders! Bikes providedJ
 This off grid event is our first Sustainable Music and Arts event and will draw attention to celebrating life in more mindful ways – utilising locally sourced foods, engaging our audience in using public transport or sustainable transport options, use of upcycled materials in to fantastic works of art, using alternate power and energy sources, learning new ways of utilising our own local resources – composting, growing and harvesting and cooking unusual food plants, bamboo construction; engage with a global environmental movement such as Earth Hour and learn more about climate change affecting our own back yard. 
All volunteers at PepperTree events are fed, watered and well looked after – we ask that you commit to at least 3 hours of volunteering.
 Please get in touch with myself if to indicate your commitment to this event as volunteer or ask for further information, send this email on to any people interested in attending the event or volunteering – we love making new friends!!
Tash: 0431 494 773
Ross: 0414 507 311



Port a cot & car seat required for visiting 16mth old child. 
Happy to purchase or borrow.

Please call Andre Weavers 0416 034348 or email if you can assist.



Transista HI-FI Stereophone 
Another beautiful piece of furniture.
Radio works really well ...
Record player needs some attention.
135cm Wide, 80cm High, 25cmDeep

FREE ...text/call JODY 0466 599 686 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Farmers Market


Coburg Farmers Market - This Saturday
Roasted Veg Time!

8am - 1:00pm Saturday 22nd March at Coburg North PS, 180 O’Hea Street

Coburg FM has just the produce to put roasted veggies on dinner plates again as the cooler weather sets in. Bernie’s Fresh Spuds are back with their purple Pontiac with potatoes dug straight out of the ground!  Remember to butter them up with some of the qualityMyrtleford Butter Factory salted butter!  Gorgeous Garlic have punnets of bulbs ready to throw on the roasting tray with Boisdales Best Spring Creek Organic’s root veg. Fruits of Life have big grandpa tomatoes for a tasty snack on 5 & Dime Bagels. Stop by Tara Kiste’s Cake Emporium stall to see what local produce she has used in her delicious selection of sweet treats! Next month we’ll be celebrating Coburg Farmers Market’s 1st Birthday so get excited for what we’ve got planned!