Monday, 27 February 2017

Free & For Sale


Are you looking for bottles or jars?

I’m helping with a big clean up at my mum’s place and she has saved many boxes or jars and bottles over the years thinking they’d be good for bottling produce. We’re hoping to find someone who would like to put them to this intended use, or some other good use like making a bottle wall or something. There are lots of the green 750ml olive oil type, plus clear 1 litre bottles. Also many clear jam jars. None have lids unfortunately. They’re all quite dirty from being stored for a long time, some of them have been kept outside. 

I can deliver them to you if you’re in the Preston area.

Text Nina 0400 123 336.

Make your own chairs!

I have a set of four chairs just waiting to be assembled - each chair is a ‘kit’ of hardwood pre-cut pieces. They come with instructions - it says all you need is a hammer and screwdriver. 

I’d like $25 for the set of 4.

Text 0400 123 336.

Pick up Preston.

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