Tuesday, 7 March 2017



Hello Newlands Community!

Currently we have a flock of CERES Farm Isa Brown friendly Hens needing to be re homed.

They were hatched on 2 February 2015 and have been vaccinated against Mareks, Newcastle and Fowl Pox.

We need to be able to provide them with safe, secure and loving new homes.

Please bring a secure, clean and ventilated container to collect them in, pet type carriers are ideal.

We do ask for a small fee, $5 per hen. 

Collection days and times as follows:

Tuesday 7 March at 7-30 pm
Wednesday 8 March at 7-30 pm
Saturday morning 11 March at 7-30 am
Monday morning  13 March at 7-30 am
Monday night 13 March at 7-30 pm

Any further inquiries are via this email address  farmanimals@ceres.org.au

Wishing you all an eggsellent day!



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