Sunday, 19 March 2017




Just a note to mention to all the Newlands community that this year I'm doing a show for primary school aged children called Oliver Up a Tree about a small town, a big problem and a curious boy who brings them all together. It's a funny story full of songs, animations, paper planes and 100 Teddy Bears. It deals with themes of enquiry, community and kindness. Plus it's really funny. 

Here is what author Andy Griffiths said about it "Josh Earl is really funny and when I say 'really funny' I don't just mean really funny, I mean really REALLY funny".

It's on during the School Holidays (April 1 -16) at The Melbourne Town Hall at 11:15am. 

For tickets go to

I'm also doing a show just for the parents at the Malthouse Theatre called Josh Earl's Festival which is an entire music festival set in an hour. It has cameos from Ella Hooper, Broden Kelly from Aunty Donna and Damien Lawlor from 3RRRFM. It's on from March 30 - April 23 at 9:30pm (8:30pm on Sundays) and I'd love to you there. For tickets go to

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