Thursday, 9 March 2017



Free Range Paddock to Plate Pork

This is a call for expressions of interest for paddock raised pork.  

Our pork comes from a crossbreed of a Large Black Boar and a Berkshire Sow raised 100km north of Melbourne on the foothills of the Cathedral Ranges in Taggerty. They spend their life outdoors in open pasture free to forage and root about as pigs like to do.  

The Pigs are fed on a mixture of commercial premix grain, spent mash from a small Melbourne micro brewery, organic fruit and vegetables from a Melbourne wholesaler, excess fruit from the local community and eggs from a Yarra Valley free range chicken farmer.  

The first release will be available in about 2 - 3 months then another consignment available a few weeks later.

Initially the packs will be between 8-10kgs at $25kg.  

These packs will include a mixture of the below:


As part of our commitment to sustainable farming and small scale production we decided to have our pigs processed at an on farm facility that upholds higher animal welfare practices.  

Please direct all expressions of interest to Danny on

Thanks for your consideration.

Ang & Danny.

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