Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Clean Up


The small flood’s waters are receding ... so time now for a creek litter clean up!
This Saturday 15th of April - 11 am to noonish
Bring bags, gloves, enthusiasm – Meet at the new bridge

Yes I know, it is Easter Sat but hey it is also school holidays so you may want some lovely exercise on the creek!

Remember that:
  • It is much easier to do it soon after the flood, before vegetation springs back up
  • You can start before Saturday if you cannot make it or are keen; there will still plenty left to pick up even if this is a much smaller flood than last December’s.
  • We will try to keep recyclable (free of liquids and solids) separate and put them in our bins. (A bit of dirt and stains are OK- If you squash plastic bottles they take less room AND you can then leave the lid on)
  • I’ll organise for Council to pick up large stuff we may find.
  • The hunt will be on for the most unusual piece of litter!

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