Friday, 7 April 2017



Hi Newlanders,

We have 2 beautiful araucana cockerels who are in need of a good home before they disturb you all with their adolescent attempts at crowing! We're reaching out to anyone who may have friends/family outside the city in need of a good rooster for their flock.

Details :

2 x 18 week old araucana cockerels. 1 x lavender, 1 x black/wheaten. Both pretty tame, very used to people. They don't love being picked up but are very happy to eat from your hand. Never shown any aggression. The black/wheaten is larger than the lavender (he's in charge) but I suspect the lavender will catch up once he doesn't have another roo to compete with. 

We wish we could keep them, but are hopeful we can give them away to a good home.

Please get in touch on 0466 281 041 if you know anybody at all!

Thanks so much!

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