Tuesday, 11 April 2017



Since this has now become a conversation. I too have seen the man as I walk my dog along the creek and think it is a tad excessive to be calling the cops when we see something that doesn't please us.  He is a man, he likes to sit naked, we don't need to criminalise him and put him in 'the system' because we find it lewd or inappropriate.  Nudity doesn't have to equate with unequal power or sexual perversion.  Talk to the man, find out his story, maybe ask him how he'd feel about not doing it so publicly. Maybe stop being hysterical, he hasn't done anything.  Writing a blog post about him is not the same as walking up to him and asking him why he's doing what he is doing and maybe finding a solution that's better for you all involved, I personally don't mind it. Not everyone fits suburbia's vision of normality.

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