Saturday, 29 April 2017



Someone recently asked about a floor sander. I had a fantastic job done at a very reasonable cost a few years ago on our two bedroom Newlands house by David at Atherton Floor Sanding, 0412 068 977

Rather than asking people to text or email recommendations, I reckon it's a great idea to put our recommendations on the blog. If we think a tradie has done a great job, putting their name and contact up is great for local tradies, great for the community, and great for the blog, which is such a fantastic resource (thanks organisers!). Then, when we want a job done, we can go to the blog on the web and search, which is how I originally found my floor sanding and polishing bloke.

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  1. Great idea, all these recommendations otherwise get lost.
    (Atherton also did a great job on our floors!)