Wednesday, 31 May 2017

For Sale


Rooster and hens - Pekins and pekin X silkies.

We let our broody hen raise some chicks last summer and they are now all grown up. Amazingly we only got two roosters from our clutch of 9 but now that they’re approaching 5 month old the time has come for us to part with the two boys plus several of the girls. Some are pure bread Buff Pekins, some are Pekin X Silkie (but look very much more like Pekin’s than Silkies). We also have three Aracana hens from the same brood and are wiling to part with one. We’d like to sell the hens (who are all point-of-lay) for $25 each. If you can give one of the roosters a good home you can have a hen for free. They are nice boys who have been raised as pets and are very attractive and not aggressive… but there is the small issue of crowing. One has just started. 

Located in Preston. Call or text 0400 123 336.

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