Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Hi All.

Great news!

I've been chatting with a few farmers about garlic. The garlic we got last year was a one off and Vicki  the organic garlic farmer from Main Ridge has offered to come up to Coburg next Monday with a range of things and lots of garlic. Garlic is so easy to store either in the freezer or in dark places. Once we run out of fresh garlic supermarkets stock imported garlic that has been fumigated and is not  particularly good for you and tastes bland. I'm hoping to buy enough to plant and get me through until my garlic is ready to eat.

Vicki will be in North Coburg next Monday May 8 in the evening from 7.00-8.30 at our house 43 Livingstone St. Please bring cash and your own bags, we want this to be a packaging free event. If you really can't make this time and can't find a buddy to come in your place please send me an email and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out: melmate@hotmail.com

The Ridge Farm

Bio-Dynamically Grown Farm Fresh Produce.
The Ridge Farm is located approx. 80km south of Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula right next to the popular rural communities of Redhill and Flinders.

The farm has a young orchard, large vegetable gardens, a herd of cattle and chickens and operates along bio-dynamic principles and farming methods.

Diversity, long term sustainability, health of the land and our communities is our motivation.

Our range of in-season vegetables currently on offer :-

* Garlic (range of soft neck and hard neck)
* Apples - Fuji Red, Jonathan Red, Cox Pippin, Gala, Pink Lady, Snow Opalescence and Granny Smith
* Pumpkins
* Lemons
* Silverbeet
* Egg plant

Vicki will be bringing up a range of these fruits and vegetables, please come and pick up some delicious food and support local, small scale farmers.

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