Wednesday, 31 May 2017



This Saturday June 3rd 1-3pm, first Saturday of the month as always, we will be planting into the Patch (Connolly Avenue, South of Murray Road Bridge), Murnongs (Yam daisies), Bulbines Lilies and for the first time some Blue Grass Lilies, which all are edible species. Some bits and pieces too left over from last month. So a bit for every one.
All this in preparation of the Murnong Gathering that happens in November - this year will be our 9th!!! Really exciting that, all things going well, we will be able to taste some Blue Grass Lilies on top of the "usual fare" of Murnongs and Bulbines.
BUT, for all this to happen we need you, lovely community that turns up to the Murnong Gathering, to also turn up this Saturday to help as well as (If you can't make Saturday or both) to put your best foot forward to become Murnong foster carers - no skills required, just care. Support provided.
Indeed, we will be potting up some Murnongs in styro boxes to fatten up for eating in November after roasting them in the earth ovens.
So, fancy fostering some fattening Murnong? We need carers for the boxes until November.... info and support provided. Come to this Saturday's activity or contact Meccarg via

We look forward to see you Saturday.

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