Saturday, 6 May 2017



MECCARG first planting of 2017 is this Saturday 6th of May 1-3pm Connolly Avenue near Murray Rd’s bridge.

Have a look!
Some of the plants we picked up from lovely VINC.

The blue flowers at the front are from a “Blue Devil”. Not every day you’ll get to plant one of these, pretty special!

We also have some plants we grew over summer, yes we did!

The ‘fluffy’ ones at the front are Windmill grasses; they will be a lovely addition to our patch.
Check them out below the escarpment near the bend in the trail South of Murray Rd bridge.

What a sight!

In addition to increasing the biodiversity of our already pretty amazing spot, we have 2 special, pre-dug spots to put a range of our most attractive plants: the base of the 2 new conservation area signs kindly installed by Moreland Council, courtesy of the work of the wonderful Conservation Officer Vince Andreana.

See that nice and ready ground at the base? A thick and pretty planting will keep weeds at bay and reinforce the message. We will even sneak in a few Dianella aomena (Matted Flax Lily) a food source for the now famous Blue Banded Bee (this video also features a much loved local family – did you notice?) Just a few Matted Flax Lilies this time, but at another planting later on in the year we will add more of these special plants.

So yep, we do need some help to plant all this!!!

As for the weeding, if we do have time, we have a special treat: introducing the nonchalant art of foot swiping that is suitable for those with sore knees, sore back and so on. Let me explain: this time of the year one of our most common weed, Chickweed, comes up in patches easily destroyed by some foot shuffling that save us much time later on. Like this below. So small, so many, so easy to deal with now!

If you have never tried it, this is incidentally a fantastic way to discover our very special patch full of plants you will see nowhere else along the Merri trail.
Oh, and did I mention it? Murnongs, chocolate lilies and other lilies are coming out of their summer slumber for you to discover amongst our very special patch.

So see you there this Saturday at our first planting for 2017!!!

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