Tuesday, 2 May 2017



Dear Newlands Community,

Last night at around 7pm, in the 4 ½ minutes it took for me to bring in a box of groceries, my car was wiped clean of some of my valuables, luckily the sleeping babe (also in the car) remained unwoken and unharmed. The stuff is essentially worthless to another and I imagine that most of it will be dumped.

The stuff that was taken was all in bags:

-IN A CHINA BOOKS LABELED /DEEP DARK GREEN CLOTH BAG (similar to a green shopping bag in size and shape) my beloved Senhiser ear phones, 2 computers (a silver 2009? 15” MacBook pro) in a distinctive brown padded purpose made shoulder bag with a stain badge on the strap, my 17 year old g4 MacBook in a pho leather black bag (embarrassingly with my name engraved on the front), my two hard drives (the size of bricks – one is a  black seagate and the other silver (I can’t remember the brand) , both require ac power to run and each contains the entire contents of my electronic creative life for the past 10-12 years (every photo, every show, every song, every sound) also a book with the babes scans in it.

-A black baby carrier.

-IN A RED/ORANGE COLOURED LARGE LACROSTE BAG - an evening strapless navy blue sequin, chiffon lined floor length dress, make up bag, black leggings.

-IN A CALICO BAG THAT HAS THE PRINT (IRONICALLY) ‘DON’T TOUCH MY STUFF, OR MY FACE OR MY HAIR’ - has a pink A4 drawing book, my 2017 date diary, a whole heap of odd small baby toys (a coloured wooden worm, a pirate rattle, a baby blanket), clothes and nappies, my purse (white with a colour butterfly that has all my ID in it so identifiable if found), and my iPhone.

This happened in the driveway of a fully attended home in Claremont St. North Coburg. 

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