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Run by Ariadne Lack, local Well-being Psychologist and Newlands PS Parent

Would you like to increase your child’s wellbeing and resilience and feel more confident as a parent? I know I do! One of my passions is helping parents become more confident and skilled at raising resilient and happy kids. Over the past 20 years I’ve helped thousands of adults develop resilience skills but have always felt building resilience skills earlier in life makes much more sense. So, my mission is to give parents the confidence, skills and practical tested tools for building their kids’ resilience by harnessing their strengths! 

In these WORKSHOPS, you will learn how to:

* Identify what your child is naturally good at and where they thrive.
* Harness your child’s brain power through cultivating positive emotions.
* Teach your child a frame of mind that they can use to grow from their successes and setbacks.

TARGET GROUP: Recommended for parents/carers with children pre-school and primary school aged kids. Or those who want to be prepared in advance for the years ahead!

WORKSHOP 1 - Positive Qualities -

Sunday 28 May 2017 10am-12pm 

Did you know children who can recognise and use their strengths regularly have been found to have higher levels of hope, life satisfaction and school engagement? 

You will learn:

• Why strengths represent you at your best
• Five signs your child is using their strengths
• Tips for using strengths in balance
• How to have strengths conversations with you child
• Practical activities to spot your child’s strengths


  1. Sunday 28 May 2017 10am-12pm - Positive Qualities
  2. Sunday 4 June 2017 10am-12pm - Positive States
  3. Sunday 18 June 2017 10am-12pm - Positive Outlooks 

VENUE: Brunswick Business Incubator, 420 Victoria St, Brunswick, near Brunswick train station and trams on either Sydney Rd or Melville St or Bus on Victoria St.


Single: $49 per session OR $129 complete series/ Couple: $69 per session OR $199 complete series.

SPECIAL OFFER! Can't make it as a couple? I get it. Know someone who would really appreciate these workshops? Invite them and you can purchase the special couple's rate!

RSVP at this Trybooking website to take the limited places on offer, otherwise you might miss out! :-(
NB: Pick the first option - "Sun 28 May 1am Strengths Based Parenting Full Series", if you wish to attend all three workshops

Personalised coaching for parents/carers also available as well as having these three workshops delivered for your group/ workplace/ school etc.


WORKSHOP 2 - Positive States

* Sunday 4 June 2017 10am-12pm

Did you know your brain is hardwired to perform at its best when it is in a positive state? Over a decade of research has found cultivating positive emotions boosts your creativity, concentration, problem solving and connection with others. 

You will learn:

• How positive states work to increase the brains performance
• Why negative thoughts and feelings linger longer than positive ones
• Why positive stress is important for children to learn, grow and adapt
• Practical activities to cultivate positive emotions

WORKSHOP 3 - Positive Outlooks 

* Sunday 18 June 2017 10am-12pm
Did you know children who have been taught to apply a growth mindset to their learning perform better academically and demonstrate more perseverance in the face of challenges? 

You will learn:

• The influence your mindsets have over your choices and behaviours
• The two most common mindsets which directing your child’s efforts
• The impact these mindsets have on success, struggle and setbacks
• Practical activities to cultivate a growth mindset in your child

I really look forward to seeing you and sharing these simple, transformative ideas and practices to help you raise happy resilient kids and become more confident parents.

Ariadne Lack
Wellbeing & Resilience Psychologist
420 Victoria St Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia 3056
M) 0438 153 208
F) 03 9470 2070

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