Monday, 12 June 2017

A Garden Writer's Diary


Hi Newlanders,
If you are interested in gardens and gardening, you may like to look at my blog.
I came to live in North Coburg three years ago and have made a new garden here.  A friend said that at my age I was mad not to buy a unit and garden in pots, but I have always been a keen gardener and so in my late seventies I find myself digging and tending yet again. I have also always been a garden writer, years ago writing regularly for magazines and newspapers. Now I am writing a book about the three significant gardens I have made in my lifetime, and it is always a toss-up as to what will win my attention each day: the garden or the book. The garden usually wins because it is lovely to be in a garden even though it is hard work, whereas writing is very hard work and my desk an unlovely place in comparison with the beckoning garden beyond the window.
The blog is mostly about this new garden, what I have planted and how it is faring. But, also, like my garden writings of old, it covers many things. As Megan Backhouse, the Age's wonderful garden writer, once said to me 'gardening is a great subject to cover: everything in life seems to feed back to it'.
If you have read this far, thank you, and here is the link to my blog:

I like to think you will find it interesting and helpful, and, from time to time, entertaining and fun.
Gillean Dunk.

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