Monday, 19 June 2017



Hi Newlanders, I have a bunch of Eenee compostable nappies, with gripper belts, to give away. They are the large size (for toddlers 9-15kg). My kids were toilet trained before I got through them all, but I highly recommend them for daytime use. Wet (not soiled) nappies can be composted in your garden bin, though in my experience this took a long time to break down. Unfortunately it isn't possible to use the council green bins to dispose of the nappies, but Eenees is currently sourcing a waste contractor for the Melbourne area. 

Send me a text if you're interested.


Cecilia (0422 779 840).

PS It is also worth checking out Eenee's other cloth products. I found them a great snug fit and much less prone to leaking than other cloth nappies.

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