Wednesday, 7 June 2017

RSL Band Night


Paul Kidney Experience // Lucida // Cougar Vox //Rare Olives // LivingCurrency

Gonna be a rad night ... and a special milestone occasion for one particular band member of PKE ... 

Paul Kidney Experience
Beholding those lovable psychsters of improv Paul Kidney Experienceconfined to your regular stage can be more amusing than a psilocybic set of Twister. But nothing compares to this behemoth bursting out quicker than a mushroom spore to take the palatial floor of the Coburg RSL. Rejoining PKE for the evening fresh from his mysterious psychedelic sojourns, will be David Bullock, Hitter of the bestest spots and all things percussive. Come and recoordinate your resonnations with the Master's gong! Last time they appeared in our humble Cobbers Rissole, they were a bit like this:

Moody, sexy minimalist pop from this new ensemble. Check out a teaser from their upcoming cassette release:

Cougar Vox
Known by few usurped by many, Cougar Vox - Grrr is the band's band. They refused to record or release any commercial material and were conveniently forgotten with time. Their material was repeatedly re-appropriated by others who shot to fame in their stead. Relegated to oral histories and personal anecdotes the Cougar Vox story never fails to impress. With connections from Frida Kahlo, the Beat writers, Andy Warhol, and the 70s punk scenes of the US (Detroit, Columbus, NYC and LA), the UK and Australia, Cougar Vox is the real ... but somewhat expired ... deal. She was punk before James Newell Osterberg, Jr. was addicted to heroin. Her band Grr was kicking out the jams before Fred Sonic met Patti. Cougar Vox is now taking back her rightful place in the annals of radical punk-rock history. Don't miss it.More:

Rare Olives
Rare Olives is an instrumental two-piece from Melbourne. Guitarist David Seedsman and drummer Jordan Scotney leave no stone unturned in their quest to meld all genres into one multi-faceted experiment in sound. Elements of punk, funk, jazz, prog, metal and experimental noise infuse their output with a unique sound. Hear a bunch of their tracks here:

Living Currency
Living Currency are a Melbourne based aleatoric punk two-piece that inflict audiences with a sonic wall of absolute terror. Screaming abrasive guitar and unforgiving waves of frantic drum blasts amalgamate into a violent, obnoxious behemoth. Applying elements of free jazz to avant-punk aesthetics results in a vicious bedlam sure to insult anybody unfortunate enough to hear this band. Live at Bar Open:

Set times:
7 pm doors open
7:30 Living Currency
8:15 Rare Olives
9 pm Cougar Vox
10pm Lucida
11pm PKE

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