Thursday, 13 July 2017

Friends of Edgars Creek


Hi Friends and FoEC'ers,

We are back after a slightly longer break than usual at this time of the year (because of World Environment Day) and will be planting again on Sunday. Usual time and sort of usual place - the creek, 1-3PM with early and late contributions always welcome.

We are at the M9 water main area - near the concrete channel at Ronald St and Danthonia St. Forecast is favourable for us, not so good for the plants. Very low chance of a shower with less than a millimeter  if anything (30% chance of 0 - 0.2mm). What a horrible winter it has been so far and no relief in the forcast - wee need rain desperately. It would seem that climate change is not real and is not already upon us as all the scientists keep telling us. Winter drought is normal and has nothing to do with the impact of human's upon the environment. Ooops, sorry that line was meant for the Trump administration, Mr Tony Abbott, the minerals council and Australian Conservatives movement...

Details of our event are as below (this information comes from my Melbourne Water Community Grant application); and I hope to see you on the creek! 


PS: anyone who is free this Saturday 15/07 1-3PM and is able to help me out with a large volunteer group please give me a call or send me an email - we will be doing mainly maintenance activities and some planting at the Gooseneck area. Thanks.

M9 Water Main Easement/Ronald Street Footbridge Revegetation Site Extension (EVC 851).

This project aims to expand upon the revegetation works at the M9 pipeline/Ronald Street footbridge area; which was funded by Melbourne Water (MW) and carried out by Merri Creek Management Committee (MCMC, 2012 direct offset for the pipeline works). FoEC (2013-15 – MWCG funded) has continued to expand upon the site and we have also been able to fund several projects on this site through Satterley, the Coburg Hill developer. Moreland City Council have also undertaken works on the opposite side of the creek creating large expanses of mulched understory plantings under existing plantation red gums. The expansion of this site will assist with consolidation of the existing asset, creating an enlarged area of revegetation which will buffer against invasive weed species. The proposed works will be concentrated around the M9 easement area and also under a copse of plantation Manna Gums. This proposed project brings the site “back on-grant” for maintenance which will assist with asset protection.
The project will also improve the amenity of the area. This will enhance community engagement with the creek; it is a high use area with pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers and the general public regularly accessing this site. Moreland city council has installed a gravel pathway through this area linking through to FoEC’s Gooseneck Meander site. The project will have obvious benefits for the site and increase the community’s enjoyment of the creek reserve; this is especially important as the Coburg Hill development continues and more residents access the creek reserve.

 Plant List for the M9 Water Main Easement/Ronald Street Footbridge Revegetation Site Extension

Scientific name
Common name
Poa labillardierei
Common Tussock Grass
Lomandra longifolia
Spiny-headed Mat-rush
Goodenia ovata
Hop Goodenia
Acacia melanoxylon
Leptospermum lanigerum
Woolly Tea Tree
Eucalyptus camaldulensis
River Red Gum
Bursaria spinose
Sweet bursaria
Callistemon sieberi
River bottlebrush
Acacia verticillata
Prickly moses
Melicytus dentatus
Tree Violet
Dodonea viscosa
Wedge-leaf Hop Bush
Acaena novae-zelandiae
Bidgee Widgee
Acacia paradoxa
Hedge Wattle
Austrodanthonia caespitosa
Common Wallaby-grass
Austrostipa elegantissima
Feather Spear-grass
Dianella longifolia
Pale Flax-lily
Wahlenbergia communis
Tufted Bluebell
Einadia nutans
Climbing Saltbush
Allocasuarina verticillata
Drooping Sheoak


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