Sunday, 16 July 2017

Grassland Discovery


Grassland discovery at the Murnong Patch
Between the Merri Trail and Connolly Av., south of Murray Rd. Coburg Wednesday 19 July2-3 pm

Join some regular Merri Murnong volunteers who are well versed in the gentle and contemplative art of grassland appreciation – that often involves weeding. Together we can learn to care for this very special place; no prior skills required, we will show you the ropes.

For this July event, some of the planned activities to select from may be (depending on participants) Bandicoot game – find the grass/find the lily in the grassland- Sugar coat that weed – mapping off some of our plant species -  some direct seeding and experimental bare root planting – some wildflowers planting ... So there should be something for everyone.

Young children welcome, there are plenty of opportunities for bush play and fostering a lifelong love of nature.

To enjoy the seasonal changes, we are planning to meet on 19/7; 16/8; 13/9; 18/10; 8/11 and 13/12 for 2017.

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