Saturday, 15 July 2017

Sonorous Circle



Atmospheric noise group The Convoy today release “Second Alembic’, the fourth chapter in a set of discrete and connected releases interlacing to compose a whole narrative.

The Convoy - Second Alembic
The Convoy - Second Alembic
Second Alembic evolves through a landscape of perpetual expansion and decay, where textures emerge and disintegrate, forming a world imagined through eroding memory. Spirals of compounding dis/order accelerate, sounding the integration of growth and destabilisation.

The piece is the longest ( 17 mins ) of the collected works that form the narrative ‘Heh’, features a saxophone performance from Lloyd Honeybrook ( “not-sax” ) and is also accompanied by a video work created by the group in collaboration with Scott Mclatchie.
The groups new album “Heh” is due to be released on the 22nd July at the group's “Transmission Party” at Magnet Studios.

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