Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Mining Tax


It was one of the most outrageous conflicts of interest we have ever seen in parliament.

Earlier today coal mining billionaire Clive Palmer instructed his Palmer United Political Party Senators to vote to abolish the mining tax, after doing a deal with Tony Abbott that also involved cutting superannuation benefits for ordinary Australians. These changes were rammed through the Senate with no scrutiny or debate.

We could be raising billions more in revenue from a tax on the big profits of big miners, but instead the Palmer United Party has joined with Tony Abbott to abolish the mining tax altogether. Now the people most able to contribute will pay nothing, while the cost of Abbott's brutal budget will be paid by those who can least afford it instead.
The Abbott government is making a cash-grab on the retirement savings of one in three workers, to the value of around $27,000, or about 15% of what was their expected retirement savings.

By forcing this through parliament so quickly, they're hoping nobody will notice their attack on your retirement savings. Please, don't let them get away with it - tell your friends and family by sharing this post with them.

Those least able to afford any further expense will once again be told to carry the burden. Clive Palmer has no interest in helping families or working Australians. He has used the federal parliament to help abolish the tax which was about getting Australians a fair share from our mineral wealth, and he's letting Tony Abbott reach into your pocket at the same time.



The clean out continues!!
Please come and help yourself......
29 Peterson Ave North Coburg.

Monday, 1 September 2014



U Can Dance If U Want To - Monthly Inclusive Dance Party

Express yourself, experience new things, make new connections.
Friday 5th of September, 7pm - 11pm, 
Fitzroy Bowls Club, 578 St Georges Rd Fitzroy.

Entry is $10 on the door.
Nominated carers enter for free.
Email: ucandanceifuwant@gmail.com for more info

“U can dance if u want to” was conceived by two Melbourne musicians and DJs, who also happen to work in the disability sector. The project was created due to the lack of a regular Melbourne wide dance party where participants can expand their social networks beyond their current social groups. Our vision is to provide a monthly all ages dance party, primarily for people with disabilities, but of course, inclusive to anyone who wants to have a great night out.

Lost Keys


Hi lovely people of Newlands News, 
I am wondering if anyone found a set of keys on this sunny day down at the park land between Golf Rd and Ronald St?
Thanks, please let me know if you do 0418 431 992.
Cheers Tash.

Urban Jungle Jam


This is a day for all those who want to move with more freedom and play in our beautiful urban jungle. It is also a chance for us to discuss and experience positive ways of interacting with the emerging ecology we are a part of in this city. 

It's free! 
Bring some food to share for lunch. 
There will be four sessions with lunch in the middle!!

Megan Floris is going to bring her solar ovens and rocket stove to make lunch!!!!!! 

Sunday, 31 August 2014



I'm an arborist located in West Preston and I usually offer a lot of the residents around my area free mulch from the ute or truck, whether they give me a small $5 fuel donation I don't mind either way.

I would like to offer the same thing to anyone on the blog, the main thing is that I pass the mulch on as I can't hold onto it for weeks on end and can keep supplying as I will never run out!

All the mulch is fine grade, it has gone through a small chipper so you are not left with chunks of huge wood in the garden. No rubbish or noxious weeds, palm or self sowing species are chipped and given to residents as it would be bad for the garden beds.

Please find attached my brochure and details and if you have any queries please feel free contact me 
anytime 0435 351 101.

Kind Regards, 

Mark Gossler.



Hi Newlands.

Does anyone know of accommodation for a family of 6 (2adults, 4 kids!!) who need to move out of their house in 4 weeks & find somewhere else to live? 
If u know someone moving out or has a place please let me know. 
Sue 0413 189 864.