Monday, 27 April 2015

Bike Found


I found this bike dumped down the creek. Maybe it's yours? Maybe it's hard rubbish taken for a joy-ride? I'll take it to Ceres for recycling next week if nobody claims it - 
Tahti 0430 127 204.



Greetings all,

I’m clearing out the final items of furniture etc from my mother’s unit after she passed away last year. I need to find a new home for them very soon:

  • Double bed (inner spring mattress and base set) - fairly old, but in good condition. Could suit as a spare guest bed or for a holiday house.  FREE

  • “Freedom” Armchair - excellent condition in sage colour (I found the attached pic on the Interweb, and it’s a different colour, but exactly the same style).  FREE

Both items available for pickup from Ivanhoe.
If interested, give me a call.

Philip   0425 748 328.

Recommendation Sought



We recently moved to the Newlands area and are now looking for someone to replace the flat tray roof on the 'add on' built onto the back of our place. 

Very keen to use someone local (and affordable!) that others have also found to be good. 

If you've any suggestions for good roofers let us know! Thanks again..



I'm looking for a short (1.5 seater type thing) comfy book reading 80s/90s style leather couch, often seen on the sides of roads......

I would prefer a non mouldy one but it doesn't have to be in great nick - its for an office - let me know if you spot anything or know of anyone getting rid of anything!

Can come retrieve...

Social Fitness Group


Any other pregnant ladies in the area?

I'd love to start a weekly group meet up, maybe for some light exercise (walking and/or yoga etc) followed by tea and snacks. I was thinking we could take it in turns to host and to decide what we do that week. 

None of my friends have kids and I'd love to get to know some local women who are in similar situations :) 

My number is 0406 836 397. Call me if you are interested and we can work out a time to meet up!




I have free gravel available for pickup in Coburg.


0422 102 053