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25th February 2017

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Happenstance is a surprising new community arts festival held on the Merri Creek in Coburg North and Fawkner. From 1-5pm on the 25th of February, we invite you to take an unexpected journey along a well-trodden path, and see the creek in a new light. Discover a trail of music, art, and performance celebrating the Merri Creek and all it has to offer.
Happenstance is about engaging with the beautiful natural environment of the Merri Creek, bringing together local communities and highlighting the importance of sustainable practices in urban environments.
In conjunction with Friends of Merri Creek and the Sustainable Living Festival, Happenstance brings together emerging artists with local community groups to highlight the importance of preserving this wonderful natural resource.
There will be so much to discover: enchanting creatures wait to lead you on a journey beyond the physical. Stay a while and revel in the colours and richness of this trail through stories told with dance and movement. Give in to your curiosity, seek out new adventures, and delight in the magic of happenstance.
Happenstance is completely free and is proudly supported by the City of Moreland’s Celebrating Place Grant, Friends of Merri Creek and the Sustainable Living Festival.

For Sale


This bright rug is a 1960's shag has been steam cleaned but may need another one.


This tent has been used once, I brought it on sale for $420 (down from $520) and I'd like $280 for it.

Call Nic on 0407 188 884.



House Keeping Help Wanted

Looking for a woman who can help out 2 or 3 days per week for approximately 2 hours each day. 

Work is mainly shopping and cleaning, maybe also food preparation, for a single mum with a new baby in the Preston area. 

Time of day can be flexible so could suit a mum with school-age children. Pay $30/hour. 

Please email

Sometimes Space


To all the Hunters & Gatherers,

I have found the most amazing op shop on Oakover Road, Preston. All proceeds go to the BEST causes. And it's HUGE!

I bought this stunning hand blown vase for $8!!

And these rather spiffy brand new bar stools for $90 (the lot)!!!

Sharing the new found joy!!

Sometimes Space

Sometimes Space


Cool words to share @ Sometime Space!

Seven Suns


Dear Community,

This is a seriously good men's program.

Seven Sun's Men's Initiation is in its 10th year. People come from far and wide to do this, and there is so much to connect with here. Ceremony, song, sweat lodge, men's business, connection to good people, monthly gatherings, time on the land, support from older men, connection to indigenous elders, family and community focus.

It culminates at the end of the year in a supported vision quest out on the mountain...full ceremonial style.

The info night for this year is Sat 25th 7 p.m at Bend of Islands, details are below. If you know a man or a family who might be interested in this please share it far and wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's seriously good.

Seven Suns Introduction Session 25th February
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This is the Call
The Beat of the Drum
To journey to the breadth and depth of yourself
And discover your true purpose

Seven Suns starts our tenth year
Introduction Session:


25th February

We take this journey together.
We will forge a bond with the other men and see the gifts that come from supporting one another.  We will strengthen our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones, as we take up our unique place on the Earth.  
Are you hearing the Call this Year?
Respond to this email to let me know you're coming.

Do you know a man who's ready to hear the call?
Forward this email to him. 

I offer this gift to you, take a look in the mirror:



Hi Newlands!

Our babes have grown and we no longer need this change table. Happy to pass onto someone for free if anyone is in need of one. Solid wooden change table and a lovely warm colour.


0415 837 643