Monday, 25 May 2015



Hi Newlanders!

We are in need of some packing boxes for a short term loan... 
We're knocking out a wall and have to pack everything away from both kitchen and lounge... 
I would be only needing boxes for a few weeks and will return them in the same condition. 

Any help is hugely appreciated, 


Shannon 0418 534 805.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

For Sale


Im selling my virtually new KIA CERATO 5 door manual. I bought it from the showroom in October 2013 so its only 1.5 years old. Its in mint condition, silver, 2 litre engine, and has done only 20,800 km for only $14,990. 
I bought it for $20,000. 
You can have it in Melbourne or Sydney. Its registered in Sydney. 
Call me if you are interested. Kim T: 0421 163 009.



Local Newlands woman Kim Farrant is fast becoming an international success and now we can celebrate with her at home! Tix are now available for the Melbourne premier of Strangerland, the brilliant first feature directed by Kim. It's a heart wrenching emotional mystery-drama set in the stunning Australian outback, as a couple’s lives unravel when their children go missing. 
Come see it!
Tuesday June 9th in Toorak followed by a limited release. Book now before it books out. Kim will be there for a Q and A afterwards.

For Sale

Bébé Confort System: pram / stroller / baby carrier

$200 (total RRP $1,070).
Call Simon 0417 733 434.
Pickup: Coburg North.

Bébé Confort High Trek stroller (RRP $496)
• 6 months to 3.5 years (max 15 kg).
• Reclinable seat, forward or rearward facing.
• 3-point harness restraint.
• Large pneumatic tyres.
• Front tyre swivelable for city use or fixed for offroad. 
• High-performance suspension.
• Large basket tray underneath for carriage.
• Adjustable hood and removable raincover.
• Colour scheme: Walnut Brown.

Bébé Confort Creatis Fix baby carrier (RRP $235)
• 0 to 12 months (max 13 kg).
• Fits onto High Trek chassis.
• 3-point harness restraint with one-pull adjustment.
• Carrying handle move back when not required (or useful left forwards to attach hanging toys)
• Removable sun canopy.
• Colour scheme: Brown Earth.

Windoo Plus carrycot (RRP $339)
• 0 to 6 months (max 9 kg).
• Fits onto High Trek chassis.
• Forward or rearward facing.
• Adjustable hood and removable cover.
• Manufacturer approved for use overnight sleeping (i.e. can be used baby real cot) due to removable mattress and breathable fabrics.
• Carrying handles disappear when not required.
• 3-point harness restraint may be used or removed.
• Colour scheme: Walnut Brown.



Speak Out Against Islamophobia


I'm writing to ask for your support for a new group and website I have set up with my friend Linda Briskman. The group is called Voices against Bigotry, and has been formed because of our concern with the increasingly hostile climate for Muslims living in this country. We are particularly worried about a new anti-Muslim political party that will launch in October this year.

The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) is associated with the Q society, the group that has run strong campaigns against mosques and halal food. This group is very organised, well financed and connected with anti-Muslim groups in the US and Europe. Extremist Netherlands politician Geert Wilders is providing them with advice and will attend the launch. It would be a serious mistake to underestimate the amount of support this party could garner and the damage they could do by further normalising hate speech against Muslims. They are much more sophisticated than the Reclaim Australia group and have a broad range of regressive policies which are detailed on our website.

Our political leaders have failed to stand up against anti-Muslim bigotry, so we have decided to organise ordinary people to do it. We do not want to give the ALA publicity, but it will inevitably attract publicity and when it does, we want to provide a strong opposing voice. If non-Muslims don't speak out, Muslims can mistakenly think that groups like this have broader support than they do and feel unwelcome in their own communities.

We have set up a website where people can endorse the statement:

Voices against Bigotry condemns the vilification of Muslims. Australian society has greatly benefitted from a diversity of cultures and religions. We oppose bigotry directed against one part of our community for political ends.

Please visit to endorse the statement, share it with your friends, and find out more.

Thanks, Susie Latham.

Recommendation Sought


Looking for a local reliable plumber for a bathroom renovation and wondered if anyone could suggest someone.  If so could you please email me on