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Earthsip Australia upcoming Events/News
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Earthship Australia E-News
February  2017
  • Natural Building Design Workshop Day - Melbourne
  • Upcoming Workshops around Australia
  • New Natural Building Website launching soon
  • Membership updates

Workshops in Australia and New Zealand

NEW WEBSITE TO BE LAUNCHED IN 2017 for all natural building events, workshops and professionals

For all natural building professionals, contractors and potential clients or participants across Australia.
In our latest Earthship Australia newsletter we have made a call out for subscriptions to help fund a new website which is seeking to bring together all natural building services, workshops, events, seminars, volunteer opportunities and related products under one umbrella
Your support in getting behind this project is critical to get it happening and make it a valuable tool for everyone so that we can provide a central platform for people to get involved in natural building events.
Most often when getting around talking about natural building in Australia people are asking, 'how do i find out about these things? or how do I get involved?' and for many people social media isn't always the most convenient way to get the information they are seeking.
For natural building professionals and people trying to set up related businesses it's sometimes difficult to reach or access people to fill up workshops and events.
Hence by everyone jumping onto one platform it can become the one stop, go-to place for the most relevant and up to date information for events across Australia.
As a collective website it can also begin to generate partnerships and links to other organisations to help grow the movement.
By not being 'earthship' specific, Naturalbuildingaustralia seeks to be inclusive and incorporate all the styles including cob, mud brick, superadobe, hemp, straw bale, cave house, tree house, tiny house, rewilding, permaculture farm experiences, recycled timber etc.
It can also help network and advertise for people with building, drafting, architecture, plumbing, rendering, earth moving, ramming and any other related trade skills to get involved in natural building projects.
Professional subscriptions are open and general donations are most welcome. The link to the newsletter with more information and other events coming up is here and subscription links are there also
If you'd like to get involved please get in touch through
Thanks and please share to anyone interested in supporting this endeavour!
Membership Update and Reminder

2014/15 have definitely been transitional times for the group with a number of events and opportunities but mostly watching to growth of our friends and networks as they evolve their own natural building companies and programmes which we continue to support.

Though we are still only an incorporated association with no paid staff we do have ongoing costs such as web upkeep, insurance, administration and basic organisation to continue to be able to offer services and connections to the wider community regarding Earthship building opportunities and workshops in Australia.

Thanks to you and your support we have managed to just stay afloat and will continue to endeavour to provide regular meetings, seminars, workshops and newsletters for people to keep them engaged with what's going on in the world of Natural Building and Earthships.

We have a pretty simple membership plan.

If you have paid $45 it gives you 3 years membership but if you only paid $20 then it's probably time to renew your membership as it only lasts for one year.

Membership allows you to get discounts at Earthship Australia events and workshops and first preference for workshops we hold.  It also gives you a fuzzy feeling that you are supporting a grass roots organisation dedicated to supporting alternative building practices and communities across Australia on very little money.

Please continue to show your support but updating your membership here and share this email around to anyone who might be interested in supporting this unique organisation.

With further funds we would be able to apply for grants and expand our networking and hopefully develop a fully functioning Natural Building Australia connection and workshop page which has been on the cards for years.
Thanks again and happy 2016
If you have any events, workshops or weekend work bees that you want help advertising send us an email and we'll add it to the next newsletter

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