Friday, 10 February 2017



Hi all at Newlands Community News!

My little daughter Skye Pie and I have just joined this wonderful part of the world after living in Wales for a fair few years so firstly a big hello!!

So the first thing I wanted to say is we have two huge suitcases on wheels that we don't need any more. Not planning on going anywhere any time soon! Free to a good home. 

Then I was also wondering, my daughter has smashed my iPhone and was wondering if anyone had a spare they were willing to give away or sell on. Mine is a hand me down from my brother so it's like super old, I'm not looking for anything fancy. It's just a help for trying to have some order in my life!!

So happy to be here in this wonderful neighbourhood. See you around. 


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  1. Hi can you share photos of suitcases ? Needing one thanks. 0422257303 nektaria