Tuesday, 18 April 2017



Coburg RSL Band Night Presents:

Calimari Girls//The Pits//Bu$ Money//CakeFight//FrostCock Sat 6 May, 7pm $5
Saturday 6 May
Starts 7pm
$5 (gets you free supper too!)
At the Coburg RSL 323 Sydney Road
Family friendly
Cheap Drinks
Good times

Calimari Girls
Surviving mostly on the the fringes of the Melbourne music scene radar these guys know their way around Jangle-Pop Land. Get yr Jangle pop splendour right here: 

The Pits
The Pits started as a Brisbane Punk band started by three Macpherson brothers David, Iain & Peter) joined by Greg Gilbert and Greg Wadley. They set out to be Brisbane's worst band and achieved that goal. Over time the line-up changed and they improved ... partly one assumes, because they have relocated to Hobart. They are on Cubbyhouse Records and Tapes. See them here:

Bu$ Money
Kev, Trentos and Rich blast a new path from Hobart to Melbourne with their four to the floor garage sound. Hear a live show here:  https://busmoney.bandcamp.com/releases

Cakefight are a two piece garage rock band who recently released a five track 7" EP recorded in Austin, TX, with Matthew Melton (warm soda, bare wires). The leading single off the release (Sucks Under This Sun Sucks) has been described as a “raucous treat wrought with more character in it’s 91 second duration than some bands manage in ten minutes.” (Happy Mag) ... Consisting of drums and guitar, Cakefight deliver a high energy fuzzy punch and are known to create a lot of noise for a two piece. Hear them here: https://cakefight.bandcamp.com/ See them here: Sucks Under This Sun (Official Video):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SztKIlXKiK0 

FrostCock are a Melbourne three piece band - Bass Overlord, SynthDaemon and Guitar Operator. They create post-metal garage ambient instrumental music while striving to fulfill their mission statement: to create soundtracks for films that have not yet been scripted and bring them to life. To LIFE!!!
See them do their thing here: https://youtu.be/THb7hCfNr2I

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