Sunday, 23 April 2017



Hello all!

We’re seeking someone for a short term rental of our house in Coburg Nth. We’re going overseas for 8 weeks from May 23 and would love to have someone staying in our house. Of course we’d like some help to pay our mortgage while we’re away, but also someone to keep an eye on the place, give some love to our veggie garden, feed the worm farms and of course to harvest and eat whatever veggies are ready!

The house is a comfortable 2 bedroom unit (well, one bedroom and one study in reality) with quite a lot of veggie garden (no obligations to do any gardening, just a bonus for us if you do :), very close to Batman Station and Sydney Rd trams. We just today put in new ceiling insulation so it will be nice and cosy for winter! Rent negotiable.

Please get in touch if you’re interested or know anybody else who might be.

Drew and Bec

0425 762 539

0417 698 306

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