Sunday, 9 April 2017



Hello all,

Robstock and I took the samples back to my garage this morning because of the rain.  We found a gorgeous little purse caddisfly larva and a telephlebida dragonfly larvae.  This has a high score for pollution sensitivity – so it’s a good find!


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  1. This is lovely news :)

    I wonder how Waterwatch feels regarding little 'damns' being built along the areas where people like to cross near the 'waterfall' area? I have seen fish and an eel trying to find their ways downstream, only to be restricted by someone's building efforts ...

    I'd like to make a sign that tells people how important it is to leave rocks in place so creatures can build homes and to stop damning the water-flow, particularly when the water level is a trickle.

    I don't have a printer or a way to laminate a sign if anyone has these means (?). Also, I am not particularly diplomatic, and I think another person would be better suited to wording my concerns.

    If Waterwatch feels the issue is not problematic, I'm happy to listen to that advice and stop worrying about it too!

    Thanks for your work.