Monday, 19 June 2017

Free Range Pork


Hi Neighbours.

You may have had the chance to try out this beautiful pork at Andy's 50th, if not I can vouch for it's taste and the ethical farming practices of Danny and Ange.

I did a bit of research about pig farming in Australia and found some fairly inhumane common practices on this website 

Tail and teeth cutting without anaesthetic is performed to reduce tail biting between piglets and pigs, sow stalls are metal cages which female pigs are confined to after being mated (or serviced, as the industry refers to it) by a male pig (boar) or artificially inseminated. They remain in the stalls for 6-16 weeks. The stalls are barely large enough for a fully grown female pig to take a single step forward or backward, and they are unable to move sideways at all, farrowing crates are a very well-kept industry secret. With all the focus on the hideous sow stalls not many consumers have been alerted to the fact that female pigs are actually confined to even smaller cages after giving birth to their babies.

Here in Newlands we have another wonderful opportunity to bypass the general practices of large scale farming and buy ethical meat that has been raised close by. 

Last call for first orders!

Taggart's Paddock Pork are happy to announce we are only one week away from our inaugural release of our small scale, free range, ethical pork.

The order list is filling fast but there are still a few boxes available on a first come first serve basis.

The boxes will contain a selection of roasts, cutlets, mince, belly/ribs and chops.

The price is $26kg and boxes will be around the 8kg mark.

Pick up will be Friday June 30th in Coburg North 6-7pm.

Order now at and we will confirm your order and give you pick up address. 

For more information on our pork and what we do check out our Facebook page. 


Taggart's Paddock Pork

Angelo Greco - 0437 274 333
Danny Dalton - 0402 394 311

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