All you need to do is send us an email!

Newlands Community News is happy to publish all sorts of news from people in the Newlands (and surrounding) community. Please send your news in an email to 

How does it work?
We copy your news email into a blog post each day. Which will also post on www.facebook.com/newlandsnews and then at 9.00am each morning all the emails/posts since 9.00am the previous day will be sent to everyone on the email list. You can subscribe to the email list over there on the right. So to have your news in Newlands community news, all you have to do is to send an email to newlandscommunitynews@gmail.com

How do I subscribe?
Enter your email details in the box on the right. You will be sent a confirmation link. If it hasn't arrived after a few minutes check your junk mail folder. If for some reason you can't subscribe through the link, email me at janetmgrigg@gmail.com and I'll add your address manually.

Is there a format I need to use when I send you my news?
Not really but plain text in an email or simple Word doc is best for us. Blogger does not provide the means to publish PDF files or Word docs. So if you would like to include information from a PDF file or Word doc, consider uploading your files to Google docs or Scribd and including a link.

Links are great. Please write out links in full eg www.newlandscommunitynews.blogspot.com.au Also, if your community group has a website or blog, please let us know so we can include it in the sidebar. Links to local  businesses and services can be added to our directory. Let us know if you would us to add your business or service.

If you would like to include an image please provide a jpeg file as an attachment to your email. It should be 1000 pixels wide or less.

What about privacy?
The old list had grown so big that it wasn't really that private any more anyway. There would be people on it that you didn't know. But that was also part of what was so awesome about the list - it reached a lot of people. Now Newlands Community News is on a website but is not searchable by search engines (this may change - we'll review that in a month or so).  So what is the best way to use what is great about the internet while still maintaining a reasonable level of privacy? Everybody has different notions about privacy and what feels OK. These are our guidelines:
  • Be mindful of what you share on the internet. If it is something you would be happy putting on a community noticeboard, then it is probably OK to post here.
  • Consider carefully before posting your address. If you post your address we will remove it unless you state explicitly in your email that you would like your address included.
  • Consider whether or not to use your full name.
  • Don't share photos that you wouldn't be OK with pinning up on a community notice board.
  • Don't share photos or information about other people unless you have checked that they are OK with this.
  • Some people like to use a special email address (gmail, hotmail etc) for their internet business. Although I have to say I sometimes use my bigpond email address and haven't noticed an increase in spam.
  • Make sure you have good virus and spam protection on your computer.
  • Publishing your mobile or land line phone number is probably OK.
  • It's good not to be too paranoid or fearful about the internet, it does after all offer us fabulous opportunities to share with each other.
We will also most likely be removing the more personal posts from Newlands Community News at irregular intervals. If you would like your post removed before then please contact the web administrator janetmgrigg@gmail.com

What does Newlands Community News publish?
Local community groups and political activism. Goods for sale and goods for free. Goods and services wanted. Recommendations sought and given for local tradespeople. Events. Information about our area. Basically anything that local people want to share with their neighbours.

Is there anything you won't publish?
We'd like to keep Newlands Community News as broad as possible, so even if something is not our thing we will most likely still publish it. But if we think that something is hateful or we wouldn't want our kids to see it then we might decide not to. We don't think this will happen very often but we reserve the right to not to publish anything we are uncomfortable with.

Can I add my photos to the Newlands Community News Flickr pool?
Yes! If you are on Flickr, we'd love to see your Newlands related photos. The flickr pool is here   Photos added to the pool will show in a random selection on the sidebar.

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