Newlands Community News has been created in Blogger using various templates which may change from time to time. A useful feature of the new Blogger interface is that you can see how your site will look on a mobile.

As this site was born out of an old community email list that had become too large to manage, I have linked the blog/website to a Mailchimp mobile friendly RSS email campaign. This means that every day, at an appointed time, all the posts will go out to everyone who has subscribed. The format of the Mailchimp email is nice and clean and makes reading multiple blog posts pleasurable. I have also linked the Newlands Community News Blogger site to our Facebook page as some people like to receive their news there. Maybe there will be some traffic back and forth between the blog site and facebook.We'll see how that goes. And there is a subscribe button for people that like to manage their own RSS feeds.

If you have questions or suggestions for the Newlands Community News site, please email the web administrator at


  1. My young family is most likely moving from Northcote to just south of Elizabeth Street in Coburg North. We are hoping to connect to other locals (and maybe other Northcote refugees!) and join and learn more about your community. I'm particularly interested in any feedback about Newlands Primary School for my son and what its like to live in Newlands and surrounds. I hope to hear from some Newlanders soon! Nicole :)

    1. Hi Nicole.
      My name is Mel and I help run the Newlands News blog. I have two children at Newlands Primary School and both are very happy.
      If you would like to send me an email on I would love to talk more!
      Cheers Mel.

    2. Hi Mel,
      Thanks for your comments. I hooe you got my email.

  2. i'm itching for a clothes swap.... big bag of goodies brewing in the laundry...

  3. Has anyone come across an albino white babe rabbit been missing since last night been looking for it ever since plz she needs her mother thank u if anyone knows or heard of anything plz bring it to ballard avenue coburg north thank u

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  6. Is there Spanish or Latino families living in Coburg Hill?